Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Field trip and loud whispers of concern

This afternoon I went on a field trip with Emma's class to the symphony. At first I thought it was going to be a bit of a headache to say the least because...really?....a bunch of 7 year old's are probably not going to be too keen on sitting there in the theater listening to a bunch of songs that they do not recognize. I mean, 7 year old's fidget...they talk to each other at full volume whispers even when they are told there should be no talking, they have to go to the bathroom, just seemed like a trainwreck in waiting. I would have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! The majority of the kiddos in Emma's class were really well behaved and actually enjoyed the music!
Anyway, the field trip was scheduled right after lunch and was to go through afternoon snack time. So I came prepared with my meter and granola bar for Emma (trying to find the least noisy snack in the house that she would actually eat turned out to be a little I know I could have just lowered her basal for that time frame and avoided the whole snack issue...but she wanted her snack...and she has a tendency to run on the lower side in the afternoons it is! So, when the time came, I took out her meter and very discreetly checked her finger...which was a little difficult considering we have an Animas Ping and the darn meter beeps 3 times rather loudly (if there's a way to turn it down, someone please share!!) As I handed Emma her granola bar, I was met with the sound of all her friends around her whispering, "Emma? Are you low? Are you ok? do you need juice too?" heart melted....complete and total relief and warm fuzzy feelings flew through me. That is one of my major worries about Emma's diabetes. I worry a lot about when she's older and in higher grades where she is not necessarily with only ONE or TWO teachers all day...but more like FIVE or SIX! I worry about how I would be able to explain to them the signs of lows and be reassured that they will actually remember her face in the crowd of high school and make the connection. I worry that she will get lost in the shuffle...left to wander the halls of high school alone...low and out of it...stumbling around in a stupor. Yea, I know...I worry too much...I play the "worst case scenario game" all the freakin time.
In any case, I was reassured today. I was relieved to find and hear with my own two ears that her friends know...they get it...they pay attention in their own way...they will be there for her and be concerned for her and help her. And that my dear friends is really more than I could ever hope for when it comes to the school friends aspect of living with this disease.


  1. Love the concern from her friends, that is great! And no you don't worry too much, it comes with the job title and we have to be aware of the worst case scenarios, xo!

  2. God bless these little ones. They're such big helpers...and such precious reminders of what a wonderful gift they are to the world.

  3. oh amy - i'm so glad to hear that it went well. love hearing about the kids concern too - that bodes positive for the future and tells you what kind of wonderful child emma is that she has so many watchers :)

    part of Mommy 101 job requirements - must be able to formulate worst case scenarios and act to prevent or at least mitigate them.

    hugs!!!! (ps - i'm glad you're on my FB too - thank you!!)

  4. Yay for sweet friends! They have been educated very well:)