Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Poem for my D-Momma's

When you're lost floating out in the abyss
lying back upon your raft
moonlight shining like a kiss
upon your skin with a cold bitter draft

When you're floating through the murky mist
darkness enveloping your every thought
softly screaming out your list
realizing it's all for naught.

When you're drifting away to the middle of nowhere
frantic passion taking hold
losing sight of what is fair
grasping onto what must be bold.

Remember to look ahead
Paddle ever onward fingers out
Face the unknown not with dread
Be brave, strong, confident, and never doubt.


  1. That is art, girlfriend! Seriously, well-written and strong. Fantastic poem!

  2. xo.

    BTW, I am reading your book. Having a hard time as I go "back" to diagnosis day with you, through your eyes...and thinking of Joe's diagnosis.

  3. powerful, as always.
    such a gift you have, my friend.
    thanks for sharing it!!

  4. Wow Ames, keep writing and thanks for sharing it with us :)