Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What makes me happy lately

I must be in a poetic mood lately...it makes me happy though...so here goes...

beauty floods my ears with a ravenous rush
taking over every thought
every step...every breath...every beat

waiting for that one melody
the one chord
the one perfect note that leaps out at me...through me

quietly search...trying to find
my carefully hidden heart
beneath the rubble and wreckage that lies within

behind the looming wall I've created
of each minute lost
tossed from the edge of the windswept cliff
crumbling and broken...searching for the day

seeking out the comfort and warmth
while not losing sight of the spark
the light...the fire within


  1. Beautiful Ames, you are such a talented writer xo

  2. you are poetic lately. i could muster up a roses or red, violets are blue, lol. you have to compile these in a seperate linkie !