Wednesday, October 19, 2011


not sure if this would be considered a poem or not...just some thoughts running through my head today

What would you do if you felt you didn't have a choice?
Would you lie down and let the world walk all over your sunken chest?
Or would you stand tall and face the demon head on with a fake confident smile plastered on?
What would you do if you felt like you were a one woman traveling circus show?
Would you hide your sword swallowing fighter of a persona for fear of judgement?
Or would you wear your freak show style proudly?
What would you do if the ignorant masses seemed to be closing in on you...squeezing the light of joy from your eyes...robbing you of your last sweet breath of life...trampling across your free and dancing spirit?
Would you fight back...dust yourself off...and just keep marching on?
Or would you curl up in a ball in the dirt and watch your hopes...your dreams...your desires fly away in a dusty whirlwind of failure and weakness?
What would you do if someone...everyone...told you that you can't do it...told you it's impossible...told you that you will never make it?
Would you nod your poor pathetic exhausted head in agreement and shuffle off to the corner and hide there in the dark?
Or would you let their words of judgement and hatred fuel the fire within your belly...stoking the flames...gathering strength and catapulting you closer to that finish line?
What would you say to all of those sitting upon their high horses looking down upon you in judgement?
What would you say to all of those placing you in the category of not being worth their time?
What would you say to all of those floating along in life oblivious to the benefit of kindness and compassion?
I would say that I am sorry.
I'm sorry that their minds are not open.
I'm sorry that they are so lost.

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