Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes you have to remember

Sometimes you have to force yourself to remember to put it all into perspective. Sometimes you have to remember that the world is not going to end if that damn blood sugar meter gives you a reading of 18.1 in the middle of the night. Sometimes you have to remember that staring at all of those tiny little black dotted holes in the tips of your baby girls fingers is not going to result in her being a depressed broken unhappy child. Sometimes you have to remember that forgetting to bring the meter to the park is not an indication that you are a horrible mother. Sometimes you have to remember that when you completely 100% fail at guessing the amount of carbs in that restaurant meal she just ate, it's ok...she's not going to hate you...she's not even going to be mad at doesn't mean you suck. Sometimes you have to remember that when you sleep through your 5 alarms and don't wake up to check your daughter's blood sugar while she doesn't mean you are a bad just means you are tired. Sometimes you have to remember that your world does not revolve around diabetes but rather it revolves around your love...your heart...your soul...your reason for breathing and for opening your eyes in the morning...the reason you were put on this Earth...who you were MADE to take care of...your daughter. Sometimes you have to remember that not everyone knows about or even cares to know about diabetes and how it affects your life. Don't hate them for it. Don't be annoyed with their ignorance or their inability to deal. Don't inwardly sigh and roll your eyes at the pretend look of concern or compassion on their face. Instead remember that YOU care...YOU are concerned...YOU have compassion. Remember that you can not change anyone. There is not a single person on the planet that you can change. The ONLY thing you have control over is how you yourself react to the you choose to live your YOU choose to perceive things. Sometimes you have to remember that even in the seemingly darkest hours of this life...the scariest moments...the exhausting moments...the terrifying, overwhelming, lonely, and misunderstood are doing your best...and that is more than enough. Sometimes you have to remember that YOU are important...YOU are special...YOU are an individual...seperate from diabetes...seperate from wife...seperate from Mommy...YOU are important. Sometimes you have to remember that you are incredible...and that your daughter thinks the sun rises and sets because of you. Sometimes you have to remember that she loves you for who you are...and that is worth more than anything in the world.


  1. This is AWESOME!!! I needed to remember some of these things. Thanks for reminding me :)

  2. Such a perfect post for me to read today...and be able to actually comment and thank you.
    I've been struggling with those black dots on Bean's fingers. I only ever seem to see them in the middle of the night...when it's an hour past when the alarm should have woken me up and I feel crappy about that and exhausted and the house is still and quiet except for the beep...beep, beep of her meter.
    They don't define her and I have to remember that. And I really need to remember that I matter and am worth taking time for to be better at all the other stuff that I'm needed to be.
    thank you, my friend!

  3. Awesome post and so,so,so true. xo