Friday, October 14, 2011

I know you're there...

Some more poetry time

i know you're there...
lurking in the shadows
just around the corner
the cold dark shadows

i can feel you there...
making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
my heart beats a little faster
each breath quick and nervous

i know you're there...
ominous and unwelcome
selfish thieving bully
waiting for my back to be turned so you can pounce

ready and waiting for your chance...
your moment in the spotlight
your moment to shine
your moment to steal control

i know you're there...
you're always there
waiting with bated breath

a never ending stand...a duel...
the clock tower strikes high noon
and there we are again
in our usual positions

the sun glaring down
sweat dripping into my eyes
a joyful sneer upon your face
as you anticipate the fight

i know you're there...
though i wonder,
are you frightened of ME?
are you terrified of MY strength?

do you know that I AM THERE too?
do you know that I WILL WIN the final stand?
I will draw first and you will fall...
you will lose

the tumbleweeds will carry you away
off into the never ending horizon of the desert sun
as for me? well, I will smile...
finally feeling the true meaning of fate, patience, and endurance