Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving health shenanigans

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. I've lived here for almost 11 years now and this is the one holiday that I will never get used to. I just can't get past the whole Thanksgiving BEFORE Halloween seems weird to my American born poor tired
Anyhoo, I always look forward to long weekends because it is nice to have that extra day to spend time with the family...just hang out, relax, and do nothing if we so choose. So, I was expecting a full weekend of lounging on the living room floor with Emma and giggling about whatever pops into her 7 year old mind. Which actually turned out to be some pretty hilarious stuff including her sitting in a laundry basket holding a stuffed toy cat and pretending she was the "Godfather" see the goofiness that is my child please click on this link (hopefully it!/video/video.php?v=10150409979024715
We did have the usual laughs and fun, even though our house was pretty much the health problem capital of the universe too. Emma woke up on Sunday morning complaining of a sore throat...ugh...why does it always seem to happen on Sundays or long weekend holidays? So, we went off to the walk-in clinic to get it checked out because I wasn't really in the mood to sit in the E.R. for 12 hours to have them tell me what was wrong and get a prescription. Yes, I wish I was exaggerating about the wait times...but I'm not...well, not by much in any case. I don't think I have ever had a E.R. visit wait time turn out to be less than 7 hours. So...we arrived at the clinic and the waiting room was so full that we wound up having to sit on the coffee table full of magazines from 1982. It was awesome...screaming crying kids, hacking coughing adults who for some reason were never taught to cover their mouths, and people who looked like they should not be allowed out in public without first putting on a helmet. We sat there for about an hour and a half and finally got the throat swab to tell us that she has strep throat...awesomesauce. Emma is a weird bird when it comes to ear nose and throat things because they never seem to bother her much at all...she continues to play like normal, rarely gets a fever, still has the same appetite as's odd and makes for some difficult parenting detective skills to discover what if anything is wrong with her.
ANYHOO, she was in tears disappointed because she was supposed to be going to a school friends birthday party that afternoon...not just any party either...she was going to get to wear her Halloween costume there. So, I felt horrible...I had to be the bad guy and tell her no she couldn't go because I didn't want her to spread the strep germs around the just wasn't fair.
Next on the list, I woke up early that morning and had major eye pain going felt like something was stuck in there really...I rinsed it out and finally went back to sleep. Woke up in the morning to discover the fabulous symptoms of pink eye...blurry vision, watery, good times. Let's see, what else can I add.....Emma scratched herself above her own eye...nice scab going there. I turned to walk upstairs and managed to turn right into the corner of the wall and banged my face and elbow...depth perception is NOT my best skill at the moment.
So, thank you for letting me rant and get this all off my chest. I am ready for this weekend to be over. I just finished off the rest of the apple pie from Thanksgiving dinner and I am about ready to put an end to this At least through all of this nonsense, Emma hasn't had any ketones. Blood sugars got as high as 21.5 last night...but no ketones. I am thankful even in the midst of this chaos. I love the pump. I love the temp basal feature. I love that there were no ketones in the mixture of this madness.
Oh yea, one other positive happened that is helping me not be angry at the health issues piling on and instead laugh....we made an old school fort in the living room today. We giggled, we took pictures, we played Barbies, and we even got the cat to come in there. No Daddy boys were allowed according to Emma...:o)


  1. Ugh, ick and ouch!!! Hope this is the end of the health issues! You've had enough! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! I can see how, after growing up in the States, it would be weird to celebrate the holiday before Halloween.

  2. OY! Sounds like you had a doozy of a weekend Amy. I am hoping for healthier times in your casa for the rest of the week. xo

  3. that is one crazy freaking weekend!! whats positive is the girly time that came from it, i guess. and one on the chalk board for the pump.