Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ice skating with Elaine and remembering to be ME

So today I went ice skating with my wonderful, amazing, hilarious sister in law Elaine. She really is incredible. She's one of those special down to Earth souls out there in the world that just make you feel better...happier...lighter being around them. She is always there for me. She makes me laugh out loud so hard sometimes that I forget what in the world I was stressed out about to begin with. Not just your ordinary kind of laugh of those special kinds of belly laughs that leaves you with nothing but a squeak escaping from your lips in the way of sound...and your sides are aching...but the good kind of ache...:o) are left struggling for air and feeling like nothing else in the world matters. She's the best and I am truly lucky to not only have her as a friend...but also in my family.
Anyway, unlike the fantastical Miss Reyna...I am not all that great on skates. I can manage to stay upright most of the time and I don't have to hold on to the boards...but it can turn into a pretty weeble wobble scenario at any given moment honestly! Elaine hadn't been out on the ice in about 16 years I knew we were bound for an interesting's just say Elaine did fantastic! I have no shame really...I don't try to fool myself into thinking that I am it was quite the scene when I fell twice on my knees. I had Elaine in stitches for the first fall because at one moment I was skating alongside her talking away and at the next I was gone...flat on the ground behind her! Sure I am sitting here with bruised knees and an oddly shaped protuding bruisey lump on my wrist which makes me wonder what exactly is going on in there...however not wondering enough to actually make the trip to the ER! Maybe that is because I am too beyond excited to be going to a Mumford and Sons concert tomorrow night with Emma!!??!! Possibly?? I'm thinking YES!
Anyhoo, once our skate was over and we were sitting on the bench putting our shoes back on and still giggling at my falls, and already planning our next visit to the arena devising a master plan to secretly practice once a week and become pros in a matter of time....I couldn't help but smile. I smiled because when I arrived there and got out of my car I realized that it was the first time I had gone skating without Emma in years...first time I didn't have to worry about carrying along her BG meter bag, low snacks, glucagon, or any other D-supplies. I realized that I could just leave all of that in the car. All I had to bring with me was my phone...and myself. It felt nice. I also smiled because I had a great was honestly one of only a handful of times where I have ever done anything without Emma there. That may sound may sound odd really because of how often I talk about how amazing I think she is and how much I enjoy spending time with my kid.....but I can't deny the fact that it felt was fun to just be "Amy" for an hour...just me...not Mommy...not diabetes manager...not even wife....just AMY. It felt amazing. I get stuck in the never ending monotony of life with diabetes so easily that I slip away and tend to forget what that is like...I forget how to be just ME...I forget how much fun I can wind up having with whoever I am's nice. So, for that hour away today Elaine...I am truly greatful. Beyond words greatful really. Thanks for inviting me along, for all of the laughs, and for making me remember that I need to take time to just be ME every now and again. Love you!!

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  1. Are posts popping up in blogger and im missing them? I missed your last few.... darn... anyway catching up now.
    i know exactly what you mean about not having to care about the neverendingness of diabetes. i love to switch my brain off, even just to go grocery shopping. its not that i dont love Reuben and want to give him all those experiences with me, but he has diabetes and hes a toddler, a lethal combo that EXHAUSTS me. so glad to hear how fun your skating trip was, despite the funky bruises ! xx.