Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My worst case scenario game...and the BEST teacher

I can't believe that this is my 50th blog post. I can't believe that I have babbled on about random things involving diabetes for that many posts! I really am greatful that I have something like this though to just get it all out there and possibly help someone going through the same things I am.
Anyway, for my 50th post I have a couple of things I want to talk about that are really not related at all. But that is ok...that is pretty much how my mind works and how I tend to operate. First things first...I wanted to talk about how Emma has been wearing a "practice pump" lately to see how she likes it before deciding on getting one of our own. Well, today was the first day that she wore it to school. I talked to her teacher about it yesterday just to forewarn her not to wasn't actually hooked up to was just taped to her belly so she could get the feel of it. So, I guess this morning her teacher decided to talk to the entire class about diabetes and have them ask Emma questions about it and about the pump. One student in her grade 1 class asked her what diabetes was...and Emma said, "Well, basically it's just that my pancreas is lazy." I thought that was a fantastic description of this ridiculous disease! Apparently once Emma said this, the other kids really understood and they also popped up with things like, "My Dad is lazy! All he does is lay on the couch!"...lolol...1st graders are the best! After the Q&A session and after Emma was finished educating the other 6 year olds about diabetes, i guess the teacher went and found a few pictures and even a puzzle of the human body and showed the kids where their pancreas was. I thought this was just awesome. She is an incredible woman who has definitely made my life easier and is so proactive in wanting to educate the kids about this. We really lucked out with her! Education is the key to all of this and Emma and her teacher are conquering it one 6 year old at a time.
Secondly, I wanted to talk about something that happened to me today. While Emma was at school, i decided to try to get some Christmas shopping done. During my travels I was stopped at a railroad crossing. The world's loooongest and sloooowest train was going by and I could do nothing except sit there and wait for it. While waiting, my mind wandered as it tends to do to diabetes. I sat there, i am glad that Emma is not stuck here with me. I'm glad that we are not stuck here waiting trying to get home in time for supper. I usually think of the worst case scenarios for things sometimes. I sat there thinking...what if Emma was with me and she was low and i had already given her the last juicebox in my purse..and she was still low. Being low and not having any food or juiceboxes left on me is my biggest fear. Which is why I usually travel with  close to a hockey bag size purse at all times...ok i'm's not THAT big...but it isn't some cute little pretty bag either! I walk around with a grocery store selection of fast acting carb foods on me always. All this being said though did not stop me from playing my "worst case scenario game"...i was thinking about what I would have done had that been the case. Would I have sat there waiting it out? Would I have given her glucagon? During my not so brief pause in the day waiting for the stupid train to pass, I decided that if Emma had been with me and was low and I had run out of food or juice...I would have simply turned my car off, got Emma out, left the car in the middle of the road and ran to the corner store across the street. I would have grabbed the closest sugary product on the shelf and shoved it in her mouth...paying for it later of course. Hopefully, I will never have to do that in my lifetime. I hate that I play that worst case scenario game all the time....but i think it is pretty much impossible for me to stop it since I am now holding the diabetes card in my hand. I'd like to point out too that the diabetes card just so happens to be right next to the Joker card in my life deck of appropriate I think.


  1. Hope all goes well with your pump trial. So cool that her teacher is educating the kiddos about D when the moments come up.

    I tend to play the "worst case scenario game" too. I stopped watching the news because some of those worst case things actually happen to people and we already have enough to worry about!! But I guess, our playing keeps us prepared for anything!

  2. I play that game too... it drives my husband nuts!

    And what an awesome teacher... I love that she took it upon her self to help Emma's classmates learn about diabetes. Very cool.

  3. thanks ladies...:o) Makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one out there playing the game..lolol