Friday, December 10, 2010

I wonder what it's like

I wonder what it's like where you are.
I wonder do the birds sing,
do the flowers bloom?
I wonder if you are happy and at peace.
are you able to see everything,
is it as amazing as we dream?
Is it like one neverending day of joy
with the sun shining bright and warm
Can you feel it on your skin?
Do you get to see everyone you ever knew
kiss them, hug them, tell them how you've missed them
Can you still see us way down here?
Are you sad to have left this place
with everything you've ever known?
Or is it so beyond beautiful where you are now
that it could never compare?
I wish I could have a glimpse
for just a moment so I would know and not be scared
I want you to know that while you were here with us
you touched my heart.
I know I wasn't always around...
never enough time is no excuse
But you made an impact on me none the less
and I wish you perfect sunshiney days
filled with love and joy and peace.
Until we meet again
I will know that you are there with a smile on your face.

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