Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A beautiful old soul

So today we had a Mommy & Emma day. It was the first day of Christmas break so we didn't really have to rush around and get ready and hurry up and get out the door to make it in time to school. It was nice to just be lazy and take our time eating breakfast and watching cartoons. After we got dressed we decided to go see the movie "Tangled". We've been wanting to see it since it came out, but for one reason or another we never got a chance to until today. It was really good! There were a couple of interesting things that happened there as well. It was a 12:20pm movie which forced me to be creative with lunchtime/insulin/popcorn at the movies. It all worked out in the end thankfully. That is one constant with diabetes...it always keeps you on your toes and forces you to figure things out and plans things out ahead of time. While we were there we ran into the grade 5 teacher from Emma's school as well. Thanks to Emma being the only diabetic in the school, ALL of the staff know who she is and know her name. They also ALL know who I am seeing as how I am constantly at the school either getting her for lunch, coming to make sure a low blood sugar is fixed, or talking with the teacher about special events. She was actually there to see the same movie with her own children. Anyway, I have noticed something since Emma has started school. Every single one of the teachers from the upper grades all have the same look in there eye when talking to us. They are all very very nice, but they all have a little bit of anticipation/panic look in their eyes. I feel like they are watching us and taking note to what we are doing because they know that eventually Emma will be a student in their classroom. For some reason I find this funny. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a great thing that they are even wanting to pay attention...i just think it's a little funny.
So, after the movie we walked around the mall a bit and talked. We looked at things she wanted to see, waved at Santa, and smelled all the good smelly things at Bath and Body Works. It really is amazing to find out what Emma has to say when i actually have the time to listen. It was nice to be able to focus all my attention on her and really truly be able to listen to what she had to say. She is such a thoughtful and caring person. She told me about things that happened at school and how much she misses her great grandma. She told me how much she loves her brother and sister and wishes she could see them more. She told me that she wishes i would have another baby so she could have a sibling with her all the time. She said that she really liked going to the Dollar Store to pick out gifts for everyone who is important to her. She is such a great kid. As we were walking around the mall today holding hands, I looked down at her beautiful face. I saw how much love is in her eyes...how much she cares about people...how much she wants everyone around her to be happy. She is the eternal peacemaker. I saw how much of an old soul she is. It's like she's lived lifetimes upon lifetimes. I looked in her eyes and saw glimmers of who she will be when she's older.
I loved our time today. Emma gives me hope that the world and the people in it can really be happy. I wonder if she knows how much she helps me every single day. I wish there was a good enough word out there to describe the feeling I get in my heart when I look at her.

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