Monday, December 13, 2010 eat or not to eat

So, it is's snowing...I had to shovel today for the first time this year. I totally and completely dislike the winter...which is really awesome seeing as how I live in Canada of all places. That works out well for does sarcasm. In any case, there I was standing in a puddle of water inside my useless pair of winter boots..shovel in hand...watching my daughter eat snow. I have been told many many many times by many many many different Mom's out there that I shouldn't let her eat snow because there are so many gross things in it...even if it looks completely clean and fresh and still has disgusting things in it. Well, I guess I am a pushover, or a rebel, or just too tired to care...because I never stop her! I always let her eat it. Unless of course it is yellow or full of dirt or leaves or whatever. I let her eat it cause it's fun. I ate it as a kid and I lived. I am sure for centuries kids have eaten snow and survived to tell the tale to their own grandkids years later. I see how happy it makes her and how she giggles and comments to me that she loves snow so much because it is CARB-FREE and it's EVERYWHERE!! She makes a good argument...there aren't too many fun things to eat out there that are carb-free and in abundance every time you step outside during the winter. So, I let her eat it...every year...and every year without fail I have other Mom's look at me like I am a bad parent and a freak because of it...every year I have some Mom's even tell MY kid that they aren't allowed to eat it while I am standing right there. It's not like I am letting her eat tree bark or chew on a few pine cones when she's hungry (I would imagine that would cause some digestion problems to say the least). I know I might have a few negative comments or thoughts about my parenting in regards to this post..and I'm ok with that...everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has the right to parent their own child as they see fit. I'm simply sharing my own thought...snow is just snow...I think that a few tastes of it are not going to hurt her. It makes her happy and that is great.


  1. As long as it is not yellow or full of dirt, I say go for it!! It is also great when you put it in a cup and pour some sugar free syrup on it or some milk and vanilla. Mmmm. We don't get snow often, but when we do, I don't stop my kids from eating it either. Enjoy winter!!

  2. oooh I am so trying that later on Denise! It sounds yummy! Have you ever tried getting a cup of snow and pouring a bit of sugar free juice or crystal light over it to make a slushy? Emma loves that one too!