Saturday, January 28, 2012

A whole lot of opinion

I think there's a lot of talk about what's right and what's wrong...what we are supposed to do and what we should never even think about doing. I think there is always going to be someone out there who is going to try and make you feel like you are an idiot...and that you should be doing things their way. I think there is never going to be an opportunity where you will be able to please everyone all of the time. There will never be a moment in your life where you will have every single person in the room agree with you...whether they make it loud and clear that they disagree with you....or secretly disagree with you in their own heads...silently convincing themselves that you are wrong and that they are right. I think there is really no point whatsoever in trying to get people on your side...trying to convince them. It isn't about that. It shouldn't be about that.
I think that we all need to take a step back and realize and recognize that the multitude and magnitude of our differences is what makes this world special. The fact that we all have the ability to think and choose and decide and feel and act upon our feelings. We have that right. Each and every single person you come across in this world is different. Sure, we have family and friends that could have very similar thoughts, beliefs, and morals....but i guarantee you that there is always going to be something unique and different in each of our thoughts as well....and that is what makes us special.
I think the world spends entirely too much time trying to convince everyone else in it that their way is the right way.....that how they think is the right way to think. I think we should all try to focus on not only accepting those differences....but rejoicing in them...loving them...looking at those unique and sometimes unusual things and realizing that the world wouldn't be the same without that difference in it.
Sometimes it amazes me how caught up people (myself included at times) will get in the fight...the anger...the feeling of hurt that boils up inside our gut and forces us to shout...forces us to lose sight of the beauty in those differences...the feeling that comes along with someone not understanding us...or getting us...or agreeing with us.
Since diabetes came into our lives, I have learned the hard way...the not so pretty way...that not everyone will see things my way. I have learned that not everyone will agree with me....not everyone will understand...not everyone will have the most up to date current and accurate information out there. I have learned that while yes, I do have friends and supporters who know this life...they understand this life...they GET this life because they live it too..........even though I have all of those friends around me.......diabetes is still a disease that I must stand in alone in some respects. I must stand up and fight for my daughter....stand up and hold my ground and do what is right in my mind...and do what I have been told by our team of medical professionals. I must stand there and take that ignorance and old school way of thinking that is thrown my way. I must smile and let it bounce right off of me. I will stand up for Emma and take care of her to the best of my ability for the rest of my life. I will do what is right. I will research the latest news, I will educate myself on current events regarding diabetes, I will be informed and up to date and do what is right. I will do these things because she is my daughter....she is my heart and I would do absolutely anything for her.
Having said all of that, I now recognize that I need to work on not trying to change other people's opinions on diabetes management...I need to realize that they are entitled to their own opinions just as I am entitled to mine. I know in my heart that I am doing the best...and that Emma is healthy and that is all that should matter to me.


  1. If someone is trying to make you feel like an idiot... I will be more than happy to kick their opinionated ass! Say the word girl (((hugs)))

    1. LOL!! and that is one of the many reasons why I love ya Lora!!

  2. My senior quote was "If you try to please anyone but yourself you will always be disappointed." I think that if we worry about what others think, we waste valuable energy...and none of us has any of that to waste!
    Oh, totally reminding myself of this...I tend toward trying to make others happy & need to reign that in!

  3. I totally agree with Denise's comment above.

    As hard as it is, we can't worry about what other people think. Do what you know is best for you and your child, and that is really all that matters.