Friday, January 6, 2012

Deep thoughts by Random Amy

Eveytime I paint my nails and I get to having to do my right hand....I always curse people who are ambidextrous a little bit....not fair. I wind up having fabulous looking nails on my left hand...and my right hand looks like I have been fingerpainting with my kid all day.

Why do tall people who are standing in the same aisle as you at the grocery store always stand there with a smirk on their faces and rarely offer to help you as they watch you scale the shelves like Spiderman to reach some item that you need on the top shelf...way in the back?

My daughter may not resemble me very much in the looks department...but I am proud to say that she has some mad sarcasm skills just like me....and she eats a Subway sandwich in the same manner as part of bread, meat, toppings, bottom part of bread....never just pick it up and eat it like a regular sandwich.

I often wonder if the people in my life that I consider friends would still be my friends if they knew half of the crazy thoughts that go on in my head every day....or if they would be the first to call the men with the straight jackets to come take me to a "nice farmhouse upstate"?

Sometimes I think that it would be funny to watch my cat play with some of Emma's craft pipe cleaners....and then I remember what I found in the litter box last time she played with one.

What is the deal with the name "Rhonda"? I mean seriously, why the "h"? what is the point of throwing an "h" in there? If you remove the "h" you will still have the same sound. Is it just to make it look fancier? I like to pronounce it "Ra-Honda"....just to be a jerk

I think the world would be a much nicer place if there were regularly scheduled naptimes for all.

Sometimes I read about, think about, talk about, write about diabetes so much in one day that it makes me feel physically I give myself a time out.

I've discovered that Kraft makes special cheese slices that are thicker than your average cheese slice...and they are made specifically for grilled cheese sandwiches.'s true. I think I have probably eaten a grilled cheese everyday now since I have discovered this little slice (HA! pun totally intended) of Heaven.

My kid told me today that she was annoyed with the commercials on a kid's TV channel she was watching...because "they all like yell at us to buy what they have and they keep playing it over and over and over again......UGHHHHH!".....yes, she learned the annoying lesson of advertising/marketing today.

and....that's all I got tonight.....LOL


  1. you are my favorite person in the world.

  2. This made me laugh! I so agree about the naptime! And I'm going to have to check out the cheese slices!

  3. I love Random Amy! I am sure if I published my random thoughts, I'd be a goner!! And those cheese slices makes the best ooey gooey grilled I want one at 10 pm!! I am dying at Ra Honda!!