Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random Food For Thought...Sunday Edition

Just some random thoughts for you this fine Sunday evening....

Sometimes I think it would be fun to be a pro wrestler. If I was a pro wrestler, my name would be D-Momma Dynamo and my signature move would be the BG Body Slam.

I think those people on "Extreme Couponing" are just show-offs....and matter how much you swear that you donate some of your items and no matter how much you swear that you actually use all of the items in your stockpile.....there is no possible way that a 17 year old boy is going to donate or use all 50,000 boxes of tampons he has acquired.

I wonder if TV commercial announcers talk that way at home? Do you think that when they tuck their kids in bed at night, they kiss them on the forehead and say things like, "and this goodnight kiss was brought to you by Hallmark...when you care enough to send the very best. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow."

I'm a little offended at the card game "Old Maid"....I seriously know quite a few grumpy old men...why is there not a card game out there called "Crochety Old Man"???

I've decided not to get mad at those people who leave their Christmas lights up all year long anymore. I think I have been a hypocrite all of these years....I mean I refuse to make my bed every day. I do not see the point in doing so...I am just going to get back in it at the end of the day! Maybe it would be different if my bedroom was down on the main floor where guests could see it as they walk by to get to the bathroom...but it's's upstairs...behind closed doors...and I don't see the point. So, I can respect the thought process of leaving the lights up all year....they would just have to go back out there to put them back up again eventually. I draw the line though at those people who still turn the outside Christmas lights ON every July...not cool people...not cool.

I think it would be fun to change my name sometimes....not permanently...just every so often when I am out in public or meet someone new...I would like to give a different name. I think I would like to go by Samantha Micelli once or twice....I miss that show..."Who's the Boss?"....Tony Danza was a rock star in his time....and now look at him...sheesh.

I think life would be more fun for a lot of people if bus drivers and cab drivers decided to dress in costume sometimes. I know if I hopped on board a city bus and was greeted by a gold lamay (sp?) jumpsuit wearing, mutton chop sideburn styling, big rhinestone studded sunglasses wearing bus driver behind the wheel......I would totally smile...and probably say, "uh huh huh!" and shake my hips a little. Or if I climbed in the back of a cab and there to turn around and ask me where I was headed was a guy in full KISS makeup and hair....I would be totally stoked to ride in his cab.


  1. and this is why I love you oh so much!
    needed some random smiles after a puke fill 24 hours ;)

  2. Your random thoughts are awesome!! Love it!