Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New D-Mom's...Please don't believe the hype!

OK, I've had enough. I go on Facebook for a few different reasons...to catch up with friends/family from back home, to see how friends that live near me are doing, and to give/receive support from the DOC (diabetes online community). Well, for the past couple of days my computer screen has been bombarded with comments and threads regarding a specific couple of people who are claiming to have reversed their child's type 1 diabetes by putting them on a special alkaline diet.
So...naturally I feel my blood begin to boil at the ignorance and the greed shown by these people because of course they are not just offering up the miracle cure...they are requesting payment to even speak to them on the phone! I am the furthest thing from being a confrontational type of person. I am a big believer in "to each his own"...everyone is entitled to their own opinions...you live your life how you feel is right and I will do the same. I would never and have never expected anyone to agree with the manner in which I manage my daughter's diabetes. She is MY child and I will do right by her and keep her healthy to the best of my ability until my last dying breath.
However, when I hear about people like this preaching a cure or a reversal...it kills me. First of all because type 1 diabetes is NOT reversable. There is no cure for it...it is not preventable...there is absolutely nothing that I or any of the other people in the diabetic community could be doing that we aren't already doing. We know. We got this. My heart hurts when I read posts about these scam artists because I picture a newly diagnosed family...a Mom sitting at her child's bedside in the darkened hospital room...searching the internet to learn as much as she can about this disease that has most recently ambushed her family and taken over her house. I picture this Mom sitting there with tears in her eyes...heart beginning to pound...relief threatening to take over her mind...as she comes across this alkaline diet proclaiming to cure her child. I picture her getting her hopes up...rushing to tell her husband...jumping up and down with the belief that diabetes does NOT in fact have to be in their lives. I picture her rousing her sleeping child and telling them that there doesn't have to be any needles...any finger pokes...any worries...it will all be fine! I picture this little scene and it makes me want to scream. It makes me want to throw my hands in front of her computer screen and block that heartache from her eyes. I want to shelter her from that horrible couple giving her false help...leading her down the path to another major disappointment. But I can't...I can't shelter her...I can't control what she finds or what she sees on the computer. I can't control the idiots of the world who choose to let the almighty dollar lead their way and compell them to take advantage of people in the most vulnerable state of mind. I can't stop them from doing it. I can only control myself. I can only control my own feelings and share what I know about this disease after having lived with it for so long. I can only share and advocate and educate and hope. I can join Facebook groups like the Blue Heel Society and be a part of an inspirational group of people who are there to set the record straight and offer up a place to discuss the pros and cons...a place to make you feel like you belong...a place to make you feel like you are not just blindly sitting in front of your computer screaming in frustration.
I have heard many, if not all, of the miracle natural ways of curing my daughter of her type 1 diabetes now. I have heard of the diets, the books, everything. I recall an elderly man calling me one day...he was a complete stranger to me...just happened to see an article in the local newspaper about Emma and I and the fundraising we do for JDRF. It was about 4 months into her diagnosis and he called to tell me that he could cure Emma. He told me that he had a book and I could borrow it if I wanted it...it was a miracle book and it could cure her. I remember being cautious and worried that this man was bold enough to even call me. I remember having that little spark of hope in my heart that there was possibly something out there that I didn't know about that could end this nightmare for us. I am writing this post in the hopes that it will reach a newly diagnosed Mom out there. Please do not believe the hype. Please do not buy into the miracle diets and cures. I know it is breaking your heart to accept this new life. I know it has made you feel out of control, lost, overwhelmed, and terrified....I know....I really truly do. Hang in there and know that no matter how much you feel like you can't do this and how scared you are and how badly you want to believe these heartless people proclaiming cures....please take a look in the mirror and really look at yourself...look in your own eyes and know that I get it...I have been there...I am you...we are all in this together and please don't believe the hype...don't let these greedy ignorant people mislead you.


  1. My son was diagnosed a little over a year ago.. I have to keep telling myself this stuff is crap and not true.. I would along with all d mommas move the earth for a cure.. these people who are proclaiming they have a miracle alkaline diet should be severely punished...

  2. Sadly I have been through this trial of weeding through the misinformation and folk cures with my son's Autism diagnosis.

    My daughter is newly diagnosed and I am afraid that if I hadn't already ridden the wave of fad diets and expensive supplements with him, I would have bought into this one. It is scary to think of what might happen to a child whose parent innocently and hopefully believes they can cure their child of an incurable disease.

  3. Hearing you loud and clear, D Mama! I, also have been bombarded with "cures", by many well-intentioned folks. I also had a stranger call me and tell me there is hope. She then called me back to tell me we should not eat carbs. Then she called again and told me we need to use insulin. That was after 3 months of living with it. Gee, thanks. Anyhow, love your blog. I also have one, but only dedicate one post a month to T1D...those posts are called the pink elephant. I'll be back!
    xo Jules