Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I dream of your eyes

The remnants of a dream that fade away
as soon as morning light awakens the world
drifting off into the mist of a strange beautiful land
I reach for you as I open my eyes
sighing aloud as I realize that you're not there
you are gone
I snuggle down deeper into the pillow
pull the warm and familiar blankets up to my chin...
squeeze my eyes shut
against the glaring light of reality
the harsh unforgiving light
the waking nightmare of countless days
I try to bring you back
try to go back to that beauty
try to press play on the dream that was so abruptly stopped
vanished in the blink of an eye
Willing my mind to sleep again
to drift away
just so I can savor one more moment
one last brief glimpse into the laughter and your smiling eyes
innocent eyes
naive eyes
sparkling child's eyes
Eyes that ease the tension on my heart
Eyes that haunt my days now....and still...
lighten my spirit.
Eyes that I adore.

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