Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A gentle breeze

Softly rocking in the corner
head between her hands
Her hair falls slowly across her knees
hiding her face from the word disease
Sunlight shines through an open window
showcasing the dust in the air
twinkling and flittering about like fireflies
Tears fall from her eyes
her blue grey eyes
like color of the ocean on a dark and stormy Sunday afternoon
They drop from beneath her protective hands
and land on the hard wood floor beneath her.
Puddling and spilling into the cracks between each board
Each hitching breath she takes leaves her feeling empty
used up
Thoughts scream through her aching mind
pounding against the cushion of comfort and familiar peace
A gentle breeze blows through the open window next to her
above her head
It carries with it the sweet sound of love
the beauty of a thousand voices
that have travelled over a thousand years
across thousands of miles.
Voices in perfect harmony with the one inside her own head
She removes her tired hands from her tear stained cheeks and
lifts her face into the breeze
letting it dry her fears...her worries...her struggles.

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