Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wash it all away

I wish I could wash it all away
One swipe of the hot steaming cloth full of holes...
gripped tightly in my hand...tattered and weary
washed away forever
Be rid of the ache that threatens to burst through my chest
Cease the pounding sound of my own heart
that echos in my wasted ears
washed away forever
that which leaves me on the verge of choking uncontrollable sobs
gasping for just one more breath of sweet air...
sweet as that first taste of watermelon on a hot July day
washed away forever
I wish I could wash it all away
and be left clean and new
free from scars and worry
Left standing there in a puddle of old
dripping down from my soul
leaving tracks behind to serve as a reminder
never forget
left standing there watching as it pools around my feet
before slipping away
disappearing in the dark emptiness
leaving me new
leaving me whole again
leaving me

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