Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Wandering down the dark and muddy path
Roots and stones jump out at my feet threatening to send me sprawling
landing face first in the earth.
Shamed and scared
Tears fall from my eyes to mix in with the dirt,
a puddle of pestilence before me,
mocking me,
threatening to drown me.
A canopy of green shelters me from the storm,
the ever present storm.
The sense is lost,
as am I.
Aimlessly moving about...
full of undying doubt.
The echos of my heart whisper in my ear
like the sweet breath of a sleeping baby in my arms.
Her tiny hand curled around my finger
Footsteps emerge from behind...
pounding...gaining...tracking us down.
Muffled voices all around
knowing...always on the move.
Losing sight of what is near
overcome with insane fear...
oh my sweet dear,
will we ever get out of here?
Focus on her tiny hand
the softness...the sweetness...the innocent warmth.
Escape desired and forever out of reach.

1 comment:

  1. I truly hope you know what a fantastic job you are doing..and arent really drowning in tears.