Monday, November 7, 2011

A moment of anger

This poem is going to make me seem like I have anger issues...or maybe that I'm even a bit I suppose I am in a certain way...diabetes has made me that way. I'm really not though, I'm not an angry person in general...I just had a bad evening...and I had to get this out...and now I feel a little better.

Pure electric anger coursing rapid fire through my veins
igniting that flame
spitting out sparks and bursting forth a plume of bright orange insanity
a dull ache all across the top of my head
and I know...
without a shadow of a doubt...
this is it...
this is how it will always be...
this is ours
Our version of the proverbial dream
Do I let those flames overtake me,
grab hold and envelop my body
choking back the tears...
causing me to scream and writhe in relentless agony?
Or do I smother them and allow the smokey hatred to pour out,
float away into the misty nothingness of the night sky?
I have no choice
With the pulsing heartbeat of madness breathing down my neck
I fill my lungs with the chaotic air surrounding me and...
once again I blow out those flames,
Forcing myself to be content with the glowing embers of determination

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