Friday, November 25, 2011

Poem for the warriors in us all

The battle cry of the cold and broken
the lost and scared
the fearful unspoken.
It rings true through the land
desolate and free
amidst the swirling sand
disguising thee.
We gather as one at the top of the hill
arm and arm we stand tall
one body, one spirit, one wish, one will.
Race towards the unknown
determined to win
bodies tensed, fire in our eyes, never alone
for we are now kin.
Feet pounding below us threatening to sink
your sand trying to swallow,
push us to the brink.
The rush of the fight
the puzzle complete
we no longer have fright
victory will be sweet.
Try as you may,
you will never defeat
for we are as one this day
we can not be beat!

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