Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I will hold on

Sorry for all the poetry lately....but it's helping me to get it all out...

I will hold on
to all that is wrong
and dark and unfair.
I will grip it in my ceaselessly moving hands
with an intense passion threatening to take over my whole mind.
I will hold on
to all that is frightening and maddening
with a desperate attempt at staying afloat.
I will hold on
to all that is lost for good, never to return
with a fierceness that blooms within.
I will hold on
to the rope above that taunts me
swaying back and forth, promising
light and love and hope.
I will hold on
for dear life while struggling to win the fight,
grasping the mocking rope,
and pulling my head above water.
I will hold on
and furiously pull the immense weight of my unbearable thoughts
higher and higher
setting my sights on that light,
that love,
that hope.
I will hold on
and save myself from the bottomless abyss below
the deep and murky waters
that are constantly trying to pull me down,
I will hold on.


  1. Im making that choice each day too. Love your poems.

  2. You are so blessed to be able to use poetry as an outlet.