Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Your boldness stands alone among the wreck"

Ok so I have a huge obsession lately. I am totally and completely in love with Mumford & Sons...I love their music, I love their lyrics, I love them...oh and I also have a crush on Marcus Mumford. Anyhoo...I wanted to share a line from one of my most favorite songs. It's from "Little Lion Man" and I have probably listened to it nearly a million times by now...."your grace is wasted in your face, your boldness stands alone among the wreck" ......I love it....I absolutely love that line. It brings tears to my makes my heart smile and weep all at the same time. I love how songs will put a certain vision in my head when I listen to them. I think that is one of the greatest things about music. I think it is just amazing how someone's lyrics, thoughts, and words can make different people react different ways...and it is even more magnified when those words are put to music. I think it is just beautiful. When i hear that line, I picture Emma standing on top of a hill staring down at a pile of rubble and wreckage. I see the sun shining down on her. I see her tilting her little round face up to the sky just a bit letting the sun warm her cheeks. I see the wind blowing her hair all around her. I picture her face, hands, and clothes really having seen better days. She is covered in dirt and muck, her knees are filthy, and I can see the tracks of tears and sweat running straight through the dirt on her cheeks. I see her standing there on that hilltop surrounded by beautiful wildflowers...yellows, pinks, purples. I see the devastation far down at the bottom of the hill below her...smokey, black, and scary. I see her footprints in the mud on the path leading up to the hill where she is now standing. Her big brown eyes are shining with a fire behind them...a fire of strength, pride, and boldness. She is beautiful and she takes my breath away. Even through all of the dirt, sweat, and tears, she is amazing to me.
I know you are probably asking in the heck can she get such a detailed visual from one line in a song? I don't know....I just know that I have listened to it and thought of it countless times. Every once and a while I have come across, seen, read, or heard something that just resonates with sticks with me forever. I hope I'm not sounding like a complete idiot for writing this. If I am, oh well I guess...I'm ok with sounding like an idiot sometimes.
Anyway, I think that line of that particular song and the visual I get when I hear it sort of helps me and puts my heart at ease when i think of Emma and her life with diabetes. I see her standing there beautiful and graceful...being bold and strong...making it to the top of that hill and winning her fight with diabetes. I see her conquering it and clawing her way to the top...taking a moment to look back and see how far she has come and how much wreckage and hard times she has made it through. It makes me believe in my heart and soul that she will be ok...she will be more than ok...she will be graceful and bold.
Here is a link to the song on youtube


  1. HUGE Mumford and Sons fan here! And Little Lion Man and The Cave are my current favs for sure.

  2. I can feel the same way about music....sometimes I hear a song and I picture someone that it makes me think of good or bad and I burst out crying like a baby....It's really bad when I do that in public!lol