Saturday, April 30, 2011

My day with the Energizer Bunny

My D-Momma skills were definitely put to the test today. I kind of feel like I am just hanging out biding my time until we start on the pump May 10th. I feel like I'm on the home stretch of this thing and at times I'm barely hanging on by a thread. I'm rounding the corner past 3rd base and making my way home...except the problem is I'm wearing a pair of friggin slippery clogs or something instead of some good solid running shoes. I'm about to take a nose dive at any second and fall flat on my face hopefully sliding into home plate in half-way decent shape at least.
Anyhoo, today started out fairly calm...or as calm as things get in this house anyway. Emma and I of course slept in past the I had roughly 45 minutes to get us up, dressed, fed, needles, and packed to go for her piano lesson across town. Traffic was on my side though, so I actually wound up putting the car into park at 1 minute until the time class was supposed to start. The lesson went well and we left for home and lunch. We ate and hung out at home for about an hour before it was time to go to her 2 hour long gymnastics class. All was still going smoothly as we made our way into the gym. I got Emma dressed and off she went to sit down with her class. About halfway through she came running out to tell me that they were about to begin their "gymathon" circuit. UGH! I had completely forgotten that today was the day this was going on...the gym was holding a fundraiser in which the kids all had to run this circuit in the gym 25 times and people could pledge money per lap that they did. Well, first off...I forgot to bring our money and form...second off, I was completely unprepared for the inevitable activity burst about to happen. So, I checked her blood sugar and it was 9.8 (176 for those in the States) I gave her 10 grams of carb to boost her. I told her to tell her coach that I needed her to do 12 laps and come back out so i could check again to make sure all was ok. Well, I stood there at the window to the gym biting my lip...arms crossed in a death lock...trying to read the look on her face from 100 feet she pale? is she shaky? is she sweating too much? is she low? is she low? is she LOW? I was totally freaking out...pacing back and forth in front of that window like a lion stalking it's prey...I'm sure I looked like a complete lunatic. I watched Emma climb onto the high across it...leap down off a bunch of and vault onto a to another mat and flip over on it...back to the beam...again and again over and over. I kept count in my head each time she passed me...2, 3, 4, 5, 6....all the way to 12...I fully expected her to come running back to me to check...but noooo...she kept going...the coach didn't stop her...she just kept going. Her face was beat red, sweat was pouring off of her...the next lap she looked extremely pale to my overly focused eyes.  I was losing my mind...I felt like I would explode if I didn't catch her attention and motion for her to come by me. UGH! I HATE you diabetes! While I stood there slowly slipping over the edge into crazy town, I counted each time she passed me all the way up to 25...then she happily bounced on over to the doors to me...her ponytail swaying with each step. I quickly checked her again and she was 5.0 (90)...good LORD! She dropped that quickly even after a 10 g carb boost...the circuit really only took her about 20 minutes to complete...that was a FAST drop. I gave her a granola bar and used all of the change in my wallet to buy her a juice out of the machine...I told her to just drink as much of it as she could...don't worry about the carbs...I would fix a high later if I had to...she still had another hour left of gymnastics at that point. That was the longest hour of my life. I don't think I blinked once. Well, after class I checked again and she was ok thank God. We made our way home and she began talking about how her friend from school was supposed to call to meet us at the park near our house today. Awesome...more activity. We walked in the door at home and sure enough there was a message from her friends Mom saying the were heading to the park and if we wanted to meet them there that would be fun. So, needless to say...Emma took off out the front door and full out ran down the street towards the park. Where does this kid get the energy???? To make a long story short we spent an hour and a half at the park with her friend. We left about 15 minutes after she was supposed to have been eating I hurried as fast as anyone can hurry with a 7 year old in tow hopping and skipping over gravelly puddle ridden pathways. I decided to make things simple and make it a McDonald's night...she ate and got her needle only about 30 later. Well, after supper she decided it was time to jump on the trampoline...omg...seriously...I need to bottle this kids energy! She jumped on there for about an hour...laughing and giggling...doing gymnastics tricks...being a kid. I saw the old familiar "low" look so I dragged her off and tested her...2.7 (48)...can't I catch a break puhlease???? I treated the low and gave her normal bedtime snack....what a day...I have never had to deal with this much activity all jammed together in one time frame before in our almost 3 years with this disease. It was stressed me made my brain hurt and fried my nerves...not to mention the bite marks on my lower lip thanks to gymathon...sheesh! We lived though...we survived...we came out on the other side no worse for the wear...I can not wait for the pump to start...I hope my poor abused stressed out nervous broken insane heart will make it to that day!! WOAH!! I need a nap...or a drink...or both!


  1. Phew! You wore me out just reading about it.

    Go pour yourself a glass of wine!

  2. HA!!!! I LOVED this post!!! This is my LIFE daily. It is incredible the amount of sugar they can burn through.

    I hope you had a "restful" night!