Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two off the wall dreams in one night!

I had not one...but two crazy dreams last night/this morning. Usually I have a hard time remembering my dreams at all (I think because I rarely get enough sleep...and when I do, it is always broken and only a few hours at a time...thank you ever so much diabetes!), but this time I actually remembered both of them. The first one was just before 4:00am and I remembered it because I was abruptly woken up to Emma yelling from her bedroom next to ours that she just had a bad dream. In any case, my dream was about Emma, myself, my Mom, and my Grandma all driving in my Mom's car. Emma and I were in the back seat, my Mom was driving, and Grandma was in passenger seat. For some reason my Mom was driving around like a maniac and going as fast as (insert super fast professional race car driver's name here (I know nothing of the Nascar world) ). I have no idea why she was in such a hurry, and for some reason I didn't think to ask. Everytime she would speed around a corner, Emma would go sliding across the back seat and smoosh right into me. In the real world, she would have been in a booster seat still...but apparantly in dream land, no such thing! This wouldn't have been ALL that bad really, except for the fact that I was trying to also give her a needle at the time. I kept trying to grab ahold of her arm and hang on to it long enough to get the needle in...but my Mom kept flying around the corners and she would slide away! It was really driving me crazy! But, I didn't say a word the whole time...I just kept at it and kept trying to grab ahold of Emma's frustrating! That is where the dream ended though because I then had to go attend to Emma's bad dream in the other room.
Once that was taken care of, I fell back asleep and into my second dream of the night. Emma and I were walking downtown super early in the morning...before the sun was even out (which is totally out of character because I am the complete opposite of an early morning person!) We came up to a Western/Cowboy style store and before I knew it, Emma darted inside. The lights were on, but I didn't see anyone in the whole store. I ran in after her and was calling for her in my loudest whisper. I heard her giggling away and clomping around on the hardwood floors in her own cowboy boots (which is weird because she doesn't even own cowboy boots!) I finally caught sight of her hiding amongst this huge display of carved wooden statues of cowboys, cowgirls, horses, and indians. I ran up to her to try and grab her so we could get the heck out of there, and just as my fingers were about to close on her arm...she took off up this giant wooden staircase giggling away. ARGH! Just then I heard someone that I assumed was the store owner stomping up the stairs from the basement and I knew we were busted. I chased up the stairs after Emma furiously calling her name and yelling that we needed to get out of there NOW or we were going to be in HUGE trouble! Then I woke up...this time to Emma's face about 2 inches from mine telling me that it was time to wake up now.
How weird!! I wonder what the heck these dreams meant? The only thing I can see that is a common theme between the two is that in both of them, I was feeling out of control, trying to get ahold of Emma, furiously trying to hold on to her and help her and get us to a safer place (be it out of the store...or giving her the insulin she apparantly needed). So strange....


  1. not sure about those... if you ever figure it out let us know :)

  2. I can totally see you sliding around in the backseat! How crazy in and of itself, but to be trying to do an injection! Insane!!
    I hope you dream less tonight...or maybe I should be hoping you dream 'better' dreams! :)

  3. I think the meanings of both are pretty obvious. The first seems to express the challenge of managing Emma's diabetes when life moves so fast, and perhaps the second is the struggle between letting Emma be a joyful, impulsive, normal kid, and needing to reign that in sometimes before big, bad diabetes comes up from the basement and reminds you both that Emma can't just freely run off and have fun whenever she wants. Those are just my guesses, as a former therapist and occasional dream analyzer I would say that only you can really say for sure what your dreams mean. Usually they're related to something going on in your current life that has made an emotional impact.

  4. Phil is DEEP! I was gonna say something similar, but not so well put.

    I hope you had a dream-free night last night. You need some rest!

  5. Out of control...Yes. The travel Probably symbolises change movement upheaval. But emma was laughing and playing normal kids pranks? What seems stressful and beyond You will be managed You are skilled in caring for emma. She is also a very resilient girl! according to your dreams. Lol. Hope You get sweet sleep.

  6. love analyzing dreams.
    last night I dreamt that my husband changed out our AccuCheck Multiclix with some antique lancer and I couldn't figure out how to load it to do a bg test. some guy was talking crap so I ended up jabbing him with the poker...never did get a bg though.