Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Going back to 1st grade for just one day!! woohoo!!

Tomorrow is going to be a day for the record books. I will be going back to grade 1 all over again...just for the day. I'm excited and anticipating a ginormous headache will have to see how it goes I suppose! Anyway, Emma's class is going on a field trip to the fire station in the morning first thing. I have always gone on any field trips with her just so i can be sure to keep a closer eye on her blood sugars and make sure she eats when she needs to. I would never expect her teacher or another parent volunteer to have to manage that task on top of keeping track of a group of 6 and 7 year olds too. So, Emma and I will get up and head off to school together in the morning. Instead of kissing her goodbye and leaving, I will go inside with her and we will all get on the awesome yellow school bus and head down to the fire station (I'm excited about seeing some cute firemen in!) After the field trip, we will head back to the school for a pizza lunch. From there I will bring Emma home with me for a few minutes and we will head over to the church (Emma goes to a Catholic school) for mass. From there I will drive her back to the school for the last hour of the day so she can attend a school assembly. whew....I'm tired already and we haven't even begun.
I have been thinking though and I really find it funny how the kids in her class think of me. They all know my name...they all joke around and laugh with me...they all seem to understand why I need to be there more often than their own parents. I sometimes wonder if her classmates and friends would be so understanding and non-judgemental if Emma had been diagnosed at say age 14 instead of age 4. These kids have all grown up watching Emma check her blood sugar every day at school...they've all seen me come in to help treat stubborn lows...they've all heard the term "diabetes" countless times over the past 3 years. I am so greatful that Emma goes to the school she goes to. I am so greatful that she has such wonderful friends. I hope that things stay this way, or close to it anyway, for the rest of her school years.
Kids really are amazing people...they are so much more compassionate and understanding than people give them credit for. I like the fact that they see me as the "goofy Mom who always has some sort of treat or candy on her". I like to make them laugh and I like to see Emma watch me talk to them. I like to see the look on her face when I can make her friends giggle and just have fun. She looks at me like she is truly happy that she has me for a Mom. It makes me feel good to see that look in her eye. I know she probably won't always look at me that way...there will probably come a point in her life where she won't want me around (eeeekkkk the teenage years!!)...and I suppose I will just have to deal with that when it comes. We aren't at that point in our path yet I am just going to sit down on the side where we are and enjoy the moment. I'm going to sit back and giggle and laugh and joke around with a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds and enjoy my daughter's happy eyes.


  1. A school bus, cute firemen, and pizza? WooHoo, indeed!! :)
    It's great that Emma has such a supportive group of friends. That's such an important thing. And because of the school she attends, I'm sure that a lot of those kids will be 'with' her for years to come. Bean is in a similar situation at her school and it gives me comfort to know that her classmates already support and understand her and are to the point that they don't bug her about D's just normal to them.

  2. Oh dear Lord the field trips...I have so many GREAT posts about field trips in my brain, but was afraid due to confidentiality to post them. The frogs, the ponds, the stuck-in-the-mud children,...the carnage from the kids visiting the pond ... I think one poor frog lost his leg due to an over-exuberant 1st graders grabby hands...and on-and-on...

    Have fun. Checking out the hot firemen seems more exciting than my frog experience.

  3. Yeah for firemen! I've always wanted to borrow one of their uniforms for my husband...

  4. Hope you had a great time on the field trip!

    "She looks at me like she is truly happy that she has me for a Mom." That made me smile for you! :)