Sunday, March 25, 2012

A weekend of awesomeness

Well this weekend was definitely one for the record books. Friday night marked Emma's very first sleepover and to say she was excited would be the understatement of the century. Before you think to yourself, "Wow! great job on the brave D-Mom thing, Amy! Way to suck it up and let her sleepover at a friends house and not worry yourself into a stupor over her blood sugars all night!"........she actually had her friend sleep at our house. Yea, I'm not ready for all that worry yet. I know it is coming sooner rather than later...and I know I will have to suck it up and figure it out somehow and probably convince some unsuspecting parent to either (A) set their alarm for 2am to check Emma's BG....or (B) give Emma a cell phone with an alarm set and/or call her at 2am and expect her to check her own BG.....yea, I'm not ready for all that yet. SO....her friend came over here and they had a blast. Two little 8 yr. old girls can sure giggle about anything and everything for hours on end. It brought back so many memories for me of all the sleepovers I went to growing up. I think those sleepover parties are such an important experience growing up. It teaches you to gain a little independence because you don't have your own parents around all night telling you to not do something...or to go brush your teeth...or that it's time for bed! You learn just how important that bond is between girls. How you can share secrets and crushes. You can talk about things that bother you, things that you like, how your parents can be annoying about some things. That bond is so special and I believe it truly is formed and displayed at these sleepovers. Emma's blood sugars stayed decent, she got to enjoy just as many snacks and treats as her friend, and the look on her face in this picture is priceless to me. It is honestly the definition of happiness.
The weekend continued when on Saturday night I got to go out to see "The Hunger Games" with some D-Mom friends and a T1 friend. First of all, I have read the books and was really looking forward to seeing the movie. It was amazing! I loved being able to go see it with all of these women who are affected in some way by diabetes as well. It made me realize that the bond Emma experienced with her little friend at the sleepover was really just like the bond my D-friends and I share. We sat there taking up an entire row in the theater...laughing, throwing popcorn at each other before the movie, talking about anything and everything before it started. This was the very first movie I had gone to see in about 8 years that didn't have a single thing to do with cartoons, Disney, or anything related to Judy Moody. It was such an incredible feeling to sit there with friends and not worry about having to check anyones blood sugar in the dark. I got my own popcorn, my own drink, and I didn't have to share it...I didn't have to worry about bringing along enough low snacks for Emma...just in case. It felt good.
Finally, Sunday morning rolled around and Emma decided she wanted to learn how to ride her bike finally. I know she's 8 years old...and usually kids learn how to ride their bikes without training wheels by this age....but Emma was never really one to want to ride it up until now. She would have much rather rode her scooter, or played hopscotch, or jumped on the cursed blood sugar dropping So, we practiced for a while in the running alongside her...holding on to the seat of the bike as she peddled along...helping her keep balance...encouraging her. She was concentrating so hard and was so determined to get this. After a few moments of me letting go, she decided she wanted to take a break and play with her toys instead. After supper she asked to go out again and practice....within minutes she had it. I let go of the seat and watched her ride ahead of me....her hair streaming out from under her bike helmet....flying behind her in the wind. I raced to keep up with heart was racing...with pride...and fear...all rolled into one. I was so proud of her determination...she wanted to learn and she made it happen...she put in the work and practiced and she made it happen. I think that is amazing. I was terrified that she would wobble and fall...break her arm...ride into a tree or telephone pole...go flying off the bike. Thoughts of blood and broken bones and what these injuries would do to her pump or to her blood sugars were racing through my head....and then she stopped...put her feet down...and turned around and looked at me with a smile so sweet I will never forget it. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and pride...and she had never looked more beautiful.
It was definitely a weekend I won't forget.


  1. Wow! Truly awesome! I'm totally jealous of your movie experience. It's been waaay too long since I've seen any non-kid movies. And to watch it with d-moms and a pwd ~ the coolest! BTW, my nine year old is still not comfortable riding her bike alone. No training wheels, but as soon as she realizes that I stopped holding the bike she crashes. Hope her time for confidence comes soon. So cool that Emma mastered it! :)

  2. WooHoo!!! Sounds like a fabtabulous weekend! It truly is amazing what makes little girls giggle...everything!!! Love being able to settle into a comfy movie seat and escape for a glad you were able to do that!!! Bike! Bean, under much protest (although she totally wanted to) learned to ride at the end of the summer. It certainly is a proud and scary time for us moms, for sure!
    Hope the week brings some awesomeness of it's own for you and Emma!!