Friday, March 16, 2012

A poem for a low

Sitting down upon the cement steps
in front of a random store.
another pin to add to my life map,
my diabetes map.
Feeling the sun upon my face
I hand you juice and candy, once again
To begin the awful game of wait, once again
My heart is racing as I stare at your face, once again
the dark circles
the pale cheeks full of grace
the wisdom filling every space
I force the smile and look of confidence,
for I know you are staring at my face too
Searching for a reason to worry
a reason to be scared
I reassure you with a joke
a smile
a laugh
I wonder how many times we have shared moments like this
how many steps we've sat upon
how many random floors
in random stores
how many curbs
on random lots
in random parks
how many fields of tall grass
in random hideaways
of our random life
how many more of these moments will we have to share
have to endure
have to survive
you finish your medicine
of fast acting carbs
and we sit a while longer
soaking in the sun
the warmth
the light
the love
Left stuck on pause
as we watch the world around us seeming to be stuck on
fast forward,
oblivious to the world around them...
before pressing play and
moving on about our day.

1 comment:

  1. You've beautifully captured those moments when nothing else in the world matters but bringing up those lows. Thanks for sharing this!