Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pink eye shmink eye

Sometimes you can rock this diabetes thing to the extreme. You can battle the low blood sugars like a Jedi master. You can set that perfect temp basal overnight to keep things steady after an activity and excitement filled day of fun out in the sunshine. You can hand over the low snacks while she runs across the park chasing after a friend without even causing her to break stride. You can spot her in a crowded line up of kids all screaming and laughing...playing and enjoying their March Break. You can see just by the look on her face if she is can tell if that flush to her cheeks is from the sun, the exertion from playing, the excitement at seeing old friends, or a plummeting blood sugar. You just get it right. You can stand there drinking your coffee, chatting with other Mom's about every day Mom things, pull out the meter bag, pop a strip in that sucker, grab her finger as she flies by you giggling and get the droplet of blood on the strip to see what her number actually is....all without missing a beat...still involved in that conversation about the school. You are knocking diabetes to the ground. You feel in control. You feel like you are running the show. You feel like you could conquer the world if you wanted to. Sometimes you get it get it SO right that you find yourself unable to stop smiling. You are going on instinct and every single decision, guess, and move you make turns out to be right. Sometimes you feel like a rockstar. Sometimes you feel like you can do anything.

and then you discover that you got pink eye...................

most likely from the park you spent all day at....being a D-Mom rockstar......

Yep. Pink eye, shmink eye


  1. Bummer, Amy! Hope it goes away quickly!!

  2. Boo to Pink eye!! But great job being a rockstar D Mama!!!