Saturday, March 17, 2012

Everything is not what it seems

Everything is not what it seems. That little girl you see walking through the crowded marketplace...with the dark circles under her eyes...that cause you to do a double take? She's diabetic. Not the "kind of diabetic" that she caused herself...or her Mom caused for her. It's not the "kind of diabetic" that can be fixed with diet...she won't grow out of it. Sure she looks happy...she looks healthy aside from those dark circles...that far off glint in her eyes. There's something about her that makes you pause for a second...whether you realize or not that you are pausing. She has an aura about her that radiates strength....and yet when those dark circles make an appearance...the aura is tarnished with a gleam of helplessness. That gleam is with her always. She is a little girl...just like your little girl...just like EVERY little girl. She carries around this gleam that threatens to tarnish her aura every single minute of every single day.
Everything is not what it seems. When your own little girl stands and stares at this little girl with the dark circles under her eyes, do not try to distract not try to hide it from not be embarassed by your little girls curiosity. Embrace the differences amongst our little girls. Be greatful for the simple ease that comes with eating in your life. Did you hear me? Be greatful. For one day, the rug could be yanked out from underneath your feet...your little girl's feet....and you could see the dark circles appear in her eyes. Don't judge her. Don't judge her Mom. Don't feel sorry for her. Don't look at her with eyes filled with pity and a sad smile upon your face. That doesn't help. It doesn't make anything better.
Everything is not what it seems. That little girl you see pricking her finger and squeezing a drop of blood out before eating....she is living. She is taking the lemons life has handed her and she is making the world's best tasting lemonade. She is making it work. She is being a little girl. Sit back and watch the tarnish disappear from her aura of strength and watch those dark circles disappear. Eventually they won't take long. You will see the innocence and joy return to her eyes as that far off look of a low blood sugar leaves her. You will see her will see her will see her be a little girl....just a regualr little girl...eating her lunch...and drinking deep from her cup of lemonade. She is living.

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  1. yes, yes, yes!!!

    you are an amazing writer, my friend.

    Oh, loved the low poem, too!