Sunday, March 4, 2012

A poem for a sleeping child

Emma had trouble falling asleep tonight, so I decided to lie down next to her for a while...and this came to my mind.

Lying there next to you
Surrounded by a mountain of childhood joy
gently brushing the hair from your face
I whisper to you
it will be ok.
Drift away to a quiet place
a place full of sunshine and smiles
Laughter ringing through the trees and echoing across the sky
Drift away to the moon and the stars
to the places you imagine.
A far off land
full of wizards and elfs
magic and dreams.
Drift away to your castle in the clouds
where you are princess
and there are fairytale creatures abound.
Drift away to the forest full of critters at play
fluffy bunnies that talk
and beautiful birds that sing.
Drift away to this place that is yours
created for you
imagined by you
safe, happy, and peacefully there for you.
While you are there
enjoying your time
a smile upon your face
diabetes gone from your body and mind,
I will be lying here next to you
keeping you safe
brushing the hair from your face
holding you in my arms
feeling your heart beat beneath my palm
and your sweet breath against my cheek.
I will be here
imagining your happy land
and sending sweet messages through the wind.
I will be here waiting for your return
to see your beautiful eyes open
full of love
full of youth
and my heart will be whole again.

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