Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Victory is a Victory

The victories...that's what it's all about. Small or large...a victory is a victory. Be it triumphing over your fears and taking that first leap off the familiar and beaten path to begin the pumping journey...jumping in with both feet, arms high above your head, and heart wide open...vunerable and ready to take whatever is thrown your way. A fellow D-Mom and friend made that leap this weekend actually and I couldn't be more proud of her and her own extra sweet girl.
Be it managing to make it through that 20 minutes following a low blood sugar reading. The agonizing waiting...staring at the clock...watching the seconds tick by...staring at your child, trying to decipher from the outside what is actually going on on the inside....wondering if the juice you have given them is in fact working and bringing their blood sugar back up. We've all survived that 20 minutes of hell at one point or another..many times actually. We've all experienced that victory.
Be it having our voices heard in public. Putting our brave face on and standing before a room full of city council members...sharing our story with them...trying to make them realize how REAL this life is and how much we need their support. Swallowing our fears and going on camera or radio to spread awareness...share with the general public that is more often than not, ignorant on the subject of type 1 diabetes as a whole. We achieve these victories together. We are one group, one heart, one soul, one fight. We stand together and are victorious as one because we all are working towards the same goal and we all have a common bond and love for the diabetics in our lives.
Be it simply waking up in the morning and getting out of bed after that first night. That first sunrise following diagnosis day...or that first morning following a horrendous night of stomach viruses and low blood sugars topped off with high ketones...or just the average morning, in the middle of an average week, an ordinary day about to unfold before you. Those dark, scary, lonely nights that seem to never end...well, once the sun rises and we open our eyes...we are met with another victory.
There are a million different victories in this diabetic life to be proud of. It's not always easy to remember them while we are in our darkest hours...lost...scared...alone. However, they are always there...and try to remember that they will become clear soon enough...and we will all be cheering you on together.

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