Thursday, December 15, 2011

A quick poem for the DOC

We live, we love
we laugh, we cry
we hold our hands up to the sky.
we stumble and fall upon our knees
we huddle in the corner softly crying pleas
we walk, we ride
we share our story
it's a daily battle to focus on the glory
we are made of something special you see
for this life...well, it was meant to be
a strength, a drive
courage and bravery alive
soul and spirit abound
heart big enough to hold love for all around
we soldier on along our path
injecting, bolusing, doing the math
we support, we encourage, we are the glue
that holds this enormous d-family together it's true
we are the DOC, our colour is blue
we're millions alone...coming together as one
we will beat this...we will one day proclaim
that we have won!

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