Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A wait...a Story

Don't be scared
for you are not lost
you are filled with a thousand lights
to guide you through the night
Don't be silent
for you are not alone
your voice matches that fevered pitch of mine
I will release your silence upon the skies

I started writing that poem just now and got an incredible visual in my I had to stop writing it and write my little story/description instead. I hope it doesn't sound like just a bunch of randomness.

An ageless man looks out from the watchtower window
settling his gaze upon the scurrying below
the maniacal method in which they move
the relentless motion of their crazed and hungry eyes
leaves him mourning for the loss of unity
the loss of hope
the loss of one
the loss of love.
His ancient eyes full of wisdom and giving
settle on a single heart
flitting about
running in circles searching for the
the reason for her madness
the reason for her days.
His long white hair picks up in the cool breeze that blows past
lifting off his shoulders and floating out all around his wrinkled face.
He shivers at the thought of her caged soul
her true spirit and light locked away forever
hidden from the world
lost from the life unfolding before her.
He weeps at the thought of her powerful beating heart
standing alone
beating as one
a singular song swept away in the night
the melody so sweet
and yet it will never be heard
never to be joined in song
with another to accompany hers in perfect harmony.
He locks eyes with her
he is leaning out the watchtower window above
and she is falling dizzily to the ground
in the middle of a beaten muddy track she has created with her own two feet
in the middle of an open field of grass
soft lazily floating grass
forgiving grass
comforting and cool to the touch
They lock eyes
from worlds apart
and he feels the fever of her madness
the precarious step on which she lives
the brink between two worlds.
She feels his curious stare
his wrinkles show the depth of his understanding
his pale blue eyes show the comfort and grace
They smile as one
close their eyes as one
and sigh as one.
Lost in a moment of silence
and peaceful unity.