Friday, December 9, 2011

D-Momma Rap

SO....yea...I am a dork and here is a rap I wrote for all my D-Mom's out there!!

Do you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy?
jump out of bed feeling all kinds of giddy
skip on down the stairs with a grin upon your face
start the coffee brewin with no time to waste
Open up your kids bedroom door
singing good morning with a roar
Make their breakfast with a kiss and a smile
send them off to school with a "see you in a while!"
Do you spend your days working at a regular job?
without a second thought or a stressful sob
your biggest worry if your kid will get in trouble
and sent to the principal on the double
Finish up at work and leave at the end of the day
without a single phone call from the teacher to say
your kid is low and about to pass out
hurry up and get here, you know the route
You kiss your kids forehead as you tuck them in bed
confident in knowing you won't wake to find them dead
Sleep the whole night and don't awaken
to make sure your kid is fine and hasn't been taken
Well, let me share one thing with you that is true
you are more than lucky, it's nothin new
There's a million D-Mom's out there
and we fight this like a bear
Waking in the mornin feeling more like Regis Philbin
we stumble out of bed like we're made of tin
Check our kid's blood sugar, that's a fact
Count the carbs and make sure lunches are packed
Jab a needle in their little arm
bolus off their pump, we can do no harm
Send 'em off to school with a kiss and a hug
with shouts of "Please call me if you're low, my love!"
Spend the day worrying if they're fine
dreading the phone calls that come at snack time
Rush to the school to fix a low blood sugar
Man diabetes is really a booger
Pick them up from school and it carries on
diabetes never sleeps, it's really not da bomb
Ya see, D-Mom's are a special caring breed
We give up our lives with no thoughts of greed
We stay up all night to keep our kids safe
We love, fight, cry, and have faith
This disease will not beat us in the end
For we are the chosen, the special, the true
We love our type 1 kids
oh yes we do!

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