Sunday, December 18, 2011

My own worst enemy

Sometimes I feel like there's a little demon living inside my head.
Taunting me
Yelling at me
Screaming at me that I am not good enough.
Sometimes I feel like it thrives off of my anguish
Grows strength from stealing my confidence.
Leaving me to wither away
waiting for that cool breeze to pass by
lift me off my place of rest and send me sailing away
Sometimes it feels like I'm lost
broken and scared
doubtful and frozen in that moment of time
the clock ticking by marking each individual moment of madness
Sometimes I feel like that little demon is right
I'm not good enough
I can't do this
I will fail
I can't keep pretending
It's screams of failure piercing through my brain like a million tiny bolts of lightening
I'm only one person
I can't do this.
I'm scared
Sometimes I feel like it's not fair
like it is going to consume me
the waters will slowly rise
and I will be pulled under
floating down to the sands alone
staring up at the light above
weak and exhausted
Sometimes I feel like it is getting the best of me
It is stealing me
taking away every single thing that is good about me
grasping it in it's evil little hands
squeezing the good out and running all around me cackling with insanity

and then i realize that the demon is simply me....
doubting, taunting, mocking, stealing the good, screaming thoughts of failure...
it's me...
it's only me...
I'm my own worst enemy

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