Friday, December 23, 2011

My wish

If I could have but one wish,
I would close my eyes and picture you
Shut out this loud and chaotic life,
silence the numbers in my mind.
I would let out a sigh of unbelievable weight
letting go of the worry and the hate.
Feel the Earth sway back and forth beneath my feet.
I would see the contours of your face
the beauty and wisdom that lies behind your eyes,
the smile upon your sweet lips,
the air of strength and knowing surrounding your grace.
I would muster up all the power of my time and
scream my wish out to the sky
no longer thoughts of why...oh why
instead an aching for goodbye
to throw it all above my head to float away with the breeze
gone up to the Heavens
leaving my shoulders with ease.
To live
to breathe
to love each moment and on
without the weight of the worry around
a new life is found.

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