Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trapped in the car, lost wallet, and my Mom skills

As I sit here having a snack of peanut butter on a spoon (LOVE IT!), I am thinking about my relationship with my daughter. Yes we are close...yes we have a lot of laughs...and a lot of tears. I know that diabetes has brought us closer together than we probably ever would have if she hadn't been diagnosed. I try to be a good Mom in the diabetes aspect of it as well as the regular Mom stuff. I do treat her like a friend...but I also treat her like a daughter if that makes sense. I mean we do a lot together and have a blast doing it...just like a friend would. Yet I also try to teach her the life skills she will need just like a Mom is supposed to do. She really truly is a good kid. She rarely misbehaves...she doesn't wreak havoc out in public...she doesn't scream and cry and bully others. So, I very rarely ever have to discipline her. The sort of things she does "wrong" are lie to me about how she is feeling heath-wise because she doesn't want to have to stay home sick from school again...or whine to me about having to clean up her toys at the end of the day. In those cases, I deal with them accordingly. Like with this last illness she lied about feeling better, and I had to have a very lengthy tear-filled(on her part) discussion about lying and how bad it is and that she could die from her diabetes if she lied to me about feeling sick or not. So, I feel like I am doing a fairly good job at parenting. I don't know...I think this post is probably starting to sound confuzzled and blabbery. For some reason I am having a hard time pulling the right words out of my brain in the right order today. Let's blame it on the fact that I woke up this morning at 8:15am and school starts for Emma at 8:30am. Maybe my brain is trying to play catch up with me or something.
Anyhoo, I wish that I didn't care so much what others think. Will I (as the grown-up and Mom) ever learn that lesson myself? I hope so...that one is really frustrating to me.
On a completely unrelated topic, and yet keeping the theme of not making any sense today, I thought I would share a couple randomly funny things that happened to us since last week. Enjoy...
Emma and i stopped at Zeller's for something that i can no longer remember at this point (early Alzheimer's or what? sheesh!) and we stopped at the patio furniture section to take a load off and swing on one of the swings before leaving. Well, once we were done, we got up and headed to the registers to pay and leave. As Emma stood up she spotted something and picked it up to show me...turned out to be a wallet! Well, I opened it up to look for the ID in it...only to find nothing in it at all....EXCEPT for a verrrry old looking condom. Yea...I quickly exited the area before Emma could ask any questions...lolol.
Next thing I know will be appreciated by those of you that live in the Northern part of the world. Yesterday we rushed out the door to hop in the car and drive Emma to school in the morning...only to find all 4 doors of our car frozen shut! Thankfully we drive a SUV...so I had to use my only other option and unlock the back and climb through there, crawl over the back seat, over the front seat, start the car to warm it up in hopes of the other doors thawing out in the process, crawl back over to the back seat, back over to the trunk, and help my daughter in. It was quite the scene I am sure! I'm glad i am as short as I am...or that would have definitely been a "situation!" Well, once Emma was in her seat, I turned back to the trunk door and grabbed ahold of the edge and yanked it shut....only to realize that we were now trapped inside. All of the doors were frozen...and there is no handle on the inside of the back trunk door! Awesome....Emma thought it was hysterical. So, i climbed back to the driver's seat and drove to school, heavy breathing on the door lock the whole way there trying to help things thaw. Well, thankfully I must be full of a lot of hot air...because all was ok once we reached the school and we were no longer trapped...we made it out the door like regular folks do every day. Lesson learned....never shut ALL of the doors until you are sure you can get back out...and I may have a new career option in the 900# calls department with my unexpected ability to heavy breath so well....lolol...yea like I would have time for that career path!!


  1. LOL too funny :)
    Not to laugh at your misfortune but I can just picture you climbing in through the back of your suv lol.

  2. Amy, You are the best. Always laughing no matter what. I want to be you when I grow up.

  3. LOLOL No worries Kerry...I was totally laughing too! Thanks Alicia!! :o) and yes...double freakin EWWW on the condom situation Reyna!! YUCK