Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mother Nature's a bully sometimes

Sometimes you just have to sit in that pile of snowy ice and laugh at yourself. has been quite the day so far! Yesterday morning I woke up at 8:15am....Emma's school starts at 8:30am....needless to say, we were late. So, last night before I went to bed i set my usual alarm clock along with my 3 alarms on my phone. I figured that should be enough to get my groggy bum outta bed on time this morning. Not a chance! I was late once again! However, this morning I woke at 8:13am....a whole 2 minutes earlier than yesterday. I sprinted over to Emma's room and shouted like a drill sargeant, "I slept in AGAIN! Hurry hurry hurry! We can't be late for school 2 days in a row!" My super star of a kid leaped out of bed with her eyes barely open and got herself dressed in record time. We flew downstairs and I tossed her a muffin and some yogurt, checked blood sugar, gave lantus, gave rapid, put snacks in backpack, brushed her hair, got myself dressed, brushed our teeth, and bolted out the door! We made it to school at 8:28. Whew! I can not believe we pulled that off! I can not believe that my 4 alarm clocks set for mere minutes apart did not wake me up. Apparantly I am quite good at shutting off alarms in my sleep. Not a good ability to have when you are the Mom of a school-aged diabetic kid! I am at the point now where I want to hand out my phone number to anyone willing to call me at 7:20am Eastern/Standard time tomorrow morning, so I can make sure this doesn't become an ongoing trend. Maybe the constant ringing of the phone will annoy me enough that I will get up out of bed and actually answer it! Sheesh!
Anyway, after Emma had lunch I drove her back to the school to drop her off for the afternoon and proceeded to make my way back to the car. Well, in the fabulous land of Canada today we have a lovely wintery mix of snow/rain/freezing rain/ and hail going on. Good stuff. It's the type of weather that makes you wish you were wearing a suit of armor to stop the stinging pelt of freezing rain all around you. So, I was tip toe-ing along and out of nowhere a patch of ice jumped right in my path and my feet flew out from underneath me and I landed on my a snow pile...feeling like a moron...probably looking like one too! Ouch. So, there I sat...getting wet...hurting...and laughing my fool head off.
Sometimes it seems like life just keeps throwing all of these annoyances and road blocks in front of after another...again and again...just to see how much you can actually take before you snap. Years ago i would have been mad and announced that my day had been ruined and I should just go back to bed. Not the case anymore my friends! I have seen what a truely "bad day" looks like since diabetes moved in. It has definitely opened my eyes to the big picture and I know now that if I was given the choice....I would pick sitting in the snowy ice pile getting pelted with Mother Nature's sarcastic sense of humor ANYDAY over a horrid diabetes sick day.


  1. Ha! Glad you are ok. :) It's funny how your perspective can shift after dealing with diabetes every day. Someone once told me that you get used to the rings/alarms on your phone, so you should either set it to play a new ring or maybe have some REALLY loud alarm clock several feet away from you so you're forced to get up. I turn off my alarm every day and then go back to sleep and hope I wake up in time for work---not a good plan! I hate scrambling around in the morning, but sleep always sounds so good!

  2. I love how you laugh at all the craziness... what a great attitude. 7:20 your time is 6:20 mine... not sure I'd be up (but with a wee one you never know). If I could remember to, I'd totally give you a call!

  3. Thanks Valerie! That is a VERY good idea actually...i need to find the MOST annoyingly loud and irritating alarm ring I think...somethings gotta work!! Thanks Joanne! LOLOL!!

  4. SO impressed that you made it to school on time..15 mins and D to deal with...shots even, not a pump! Super D mom for sure!
    I am one to snooze or ignore alarms also...good luck with the rest of the week :-)