Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Day

So, I like to write poetry sometimes...I'm not the greatest at it...but it makes me happy. So here is my latest.

One Day I will be able to breathe again
I will be able to sleep, dream, and be ME again.
One day I will be able to give you the most fantastic news
I will be able to cheer, cry with pure joy, and ease your pain like a Mommy should again.
One day I will see you live free
I will be able to watch you run, play, and be an innocent kid again.
One day I will hear you squeal with laughter and happiness
I will be able to listen to your spirit soar because the weight of diabetes is now gone.
One day I will taste the sweet amazing victory in the air
I will be able to watch you eat your first bite of food with no concern of carbs or insulin.
One day I will feel your little arms around my neck
Squeezing with all your might...
tears of happiness and relief falling from your big brown eyes...pooling on my shoulder,
darkening my shirt...the last remnants of our fight and victorious battle...
soon to dry up and disappear forever.
One day I will be able to feel your heart racing with excitement at the wonderful news,
and I will know
With every single part of my soul,
that I will never take a single moment with you for granted again.
I will know that you and I together,
hand in hand
can do day.


  1. That was beautiful. When my mum drove off today she said to me, you know one day it may not be like this - a cure could come. Im like I know. But if I think about it, a man woke up 90 years ago and had the idea of using bovine insulins to keep diabetics alive. One day. xx.