Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sisterhood of the Travelling Diabetes Mom.....and Thelma & Louise

Ok, so I just finished watching "Thelma and Louise" for like the millionth time. I love that movie. I think i can relate to them to a certain extent really. I'm not saying that I would go out and kill someone, rob some stores, lock a cop in the trunk of his car, or run from the authorities at all....well, probably not anyway...lolol. I think the bond between women is such a huge thing. The bond between Mom's and daughters, sisters,'s just an amazing thing. On really bad days with diabetes...super high blood sugars, super low blood sugars, stomach viruses, times when it feels like the diabetes monster is just simply winning the fight...knocking you down flat on your face over and over and over again relentlessly......I know that I can always turn on my computer and find a friend who will understand. A fellow diabetes Mom. She may be halfway around the world from me....but that bond we share not only as diabetes Moms, but also as women...that bond is there. It's an incredible thing I think.
I remember Emma's first stomach virus after being diagnosed...I was petrified. I had absolutely NO idea what the hell I was doing...I just kept trying to feed her more and more juice to get that blood sugar number to stay up above 5.0....I was so scared, lost, unsure, sad, and worried. I happened to go on Facebook and a friend was there for me. She doesn't even live in the same country as me. Her teenage daughter actually passed away a few years before that from diabetes related complication. This woman was there for 2:00am...she was there...she talked me through it...she gave me her phone# in case I needed to call her and vent or cry or anything at all. I will never forget that night. i will never forget her generosity and help and advice. i will never forget her story of her daughter. I am so greatful for that bond.
The bond I have with Emma is another amazing thing. I know that she is only 7 years old now...but she really truly is beyond her years. Sometimes when we are dealing with our day to day life with diabetes, I have to force myself to stop for a minute and just look at her. Realize that one day, much sooner than I would like, she will be grown...she will be out on her own and living and leading her own life. I know though that the bond will always be there. I think all of the things we have been through together have just increased that bond even more. At times I feel like it is her and I sitting in the front seat of that convertible holding our hands together up in the air driving right over the edge...taking a leap of faith...trusting that we will land on the other side unscathed.
Diabetes may try to wedge itself in between us and pull our hands apart....but I know in my heart that will never happen.


  1. Wow! This one really touched my heart!

  2. This is a very touching post. As always, this is the best blog I ever read.