Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chicken Pox finger people and Worm Weddings

Do you all remember that little hand gesture you learned when you were a kid? No, I'm not talking about the old classic "flipping the bird" at someone either...lolol. I'm talking about that one where you put your hands together with the backs of your hands touching together and interlace your fingers...and then you do the little saying, "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door and see all the people" know the one, right? I hope so, otherwise I am probably sounding like a complete weirdo right about now. Anyhoo, I showed it to Emma quite a while ago...and true to form the novelty wore off and she forgot about it until just recently. She's been doing it ALL the time again lately. So, there we were yesterday goofing around after dinner like our usual selves and she starts in doing it again. "Here's the's the the doors...and SEE ALL THE PEOPLE!"...and as she was wiggling her "people" around she said to me, "Mommy? Look...all of my people have the chicken pox...except for those short little pinky people...they're all good." I had no idea what she was talking about until I actually looked down at her hands. There they were, all the wonderful "people" wiggling away...and the chicken pox turned out to be little marks from all of the thousands of finger pokes Emma has had over the years. The short pinky sized people were "pox free" though because to this day my daughter refuses to let me check her blood sugar using her pinky. I can't say that I blame's such a small little finger!
Anyway, I found this little discovery sort of funny. I mean I poke her fingertips with a needle multiple times a day every single day, I see her hands to make sure she has washed them after she comes inside from playing in the mud digging up pails full of worms (so she can name them and create a worm city...she even made two worms get married one time...check out her pile o' worms from last fall to the an imagination!)...and I am positive I have noticed all the little marks on her fingertips before. I just found it interesting I think that she has never mentioned anything about it until now. She has never once complained about them hurting. She has never once said that she doesn't like how all of the pokes are there. She might not even notice them anymore I suppose....until she decided to sing a little rhyme and do the hand gestures that go with it. Diabetes can be LOUD and in your face a lot of times like during repeated lows or highs or illnesses...but I find it funny how it can also be quiet and sneak up on ya and become a part of the "chicken pox people" in the "church" that is Emma's hands.


  1. cute!
    Bryce loves to draw and do art, his little holes get filled with marker or paint and become very obvious. just glad he doesn't care.

  2. The "chicken pox" used to make me sad. On our first Easter post "D"...All the egg die settled into the pock marks on Joe's fingers and magnified the poke holes...I had to fight back tears on that day. For the most part, I don't even notice them now.

  3. It is sad that she is so used to the pokes that she never even mentions them. Life is just not fair for kids with diabetes.