Friday, June 21, 2013

Thank you Animas

In no way, shape, or form am I being compensated for this particular post. I just feel the need to share my love for my daughters Animas Ping because after two years of truly deserves some recognition for the extent of its awesomeness.

I'm sitting here on the eve of a big activity filled fun day at school for Emma. In the morning they will be having a play day outside with lots of games, running, and....well...playing. In the afternoon, they will be taking a field trip to the local park where they will be let loose to run through the splash pad, climb the monkey bars, swing, slide, and enjoy the beautiful weather with their friends. It's a well deserved day off after a year of hard work and learning.

Normally, days like this packed full of activity and water play, would make me nervous since we have the added bonus of diabetes. I admit, I am a little nervous about low blood sugars...but nowhere near as nervous as I could be. Reason being is because of her Ping. The fact that it's waterproof makes me relieved. She can run and play and get wet with her friends and I don't have to worry about taking the pump off and trying to figure out how much insulin to inject her with...or when to reattach the pump for quick boluses to make up for basal she will be missing with it unattached all day. I don't have to worry about it at all. It will still work no matter how wet it matter if she chooses to stand directly underneath the bucket of water that tips over once it's full to the brim. I don't have to even give it a second thought. I can set temp basals to decide how much insulin she is getting to ward off any potential lows. I can check her blood sugar and give her a snack and bolus her from the meter remote. I don't have to make her stop playing to dig her pump out of her pouch to bolus from it. I don't even have to touch her pump! She can take her snack and go sit with her friends and I can point the remote at her and give her the insulin without horning in on her girl time. I can fully and completely flex my ninja d-mom muscle and slip in...bolus...slip out...her friends clueless as to what I just attention drawn to clue at all what just occurred.

The Ping helps me help HER just be a kid...just like her friends. She will get to run and play and have fun just like everyone else. To say that I am greatful for this little device would be the understatement  of my life. I love her Ping. I love the freedom that it has given us. I love the comfort that it gives me. I love how inconspicuous it allows her diabetes to be. Her Ping has become my greatest and most powerful tool in this life with diabetes. I can't believe we lived without it for the first three years.

So, thank you Animas. Thank you for the piece of mind you have given me and the freedom you have given my daughter. Thank you for getting it. Thank you for understanding what it's like to be a kid with diabetes. Thank you for knowing what's important and what matters to HER. Thank you for making our lives easier. Thank you for creating this amazing device that has changed our lives.

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