Friday, June 14, 2013

For those that have had a bad D day

While perusing Facebook, I couldn't help but notice quite a few D-Mom's are struggling tonight. They have been battling numbers today...feeling like they are losing the fight...and the frustration is taking over  their exhausted minds. So, I just wanted to write this post for fellow blood sugar warriors.

You matter. Yes,YOU! You are unique and important and beautiful. You are patient and caring and supportive. You are loving. You are a fighter. You stand up for what you think is right even if at times you feel like you are standing alone. You love your children more than anyone else on the planet and that means something...that matters. You give your children a sense of safety and security. You are their rock. You are their soft place to land at the end of a hard day.

You deserve a moment to be pissed off at this earned that right the second you found out your life was forever changed. You are allowed to be mad sometimes. You are allowed to hate a less than ideal blood sugar number. You are allowed to scream and yell and cry. You are allowed to feel defeated for a second....but only a second...because you will then realize that you can not be are a are a D-Mom and defeat is not an option. You are allowed to feel angry...jealous...overwhelmed. You have the right to tell someone at some point in your day that




You are allowed to feel however it is that you are feeling at any point in your day. It's ok. Did you hear me? IT'S OK! Feel it...let it out...let it go...and allow yourself to feel it!

I love a good cliche, but man when I am pissed off after a hard day of fighting the numbers...the last thing I want to hear is how the sun will come out tomorrow. I'm pretty sure little orphan Annie had no experience being a D-Mom. So, know that I get it...I hear it...I feel your pain and your frustration and your exhaustion.

I feel it because I live it too.

So, take this pissed...cry...and close your eyes on this madness for a moment. Know that I believe in you and I know in my heart that you can do it. I BELIEVE in you...yes, YOU! Sleep well tonight and let's take another crack at this bastard of a disease tomorrow.


  1. You some how always know just what to say to make me cry. Thank you honey I needed this tonight

  2. perfect! MUST bookmark for those days that you know will come!