Friday, June 7, 2013

Me time

I actually had a moment tonight where i didnt have anything I had to do. I cant remember the last time I had free time to myself to do whatever I wanted. It felt nice. So I chose to spend my time writing. Just writing. Writing about whatever happened to come into my mind at the time. So here is what I came up's not finished...but it is finished for this moment.

She whispers softly to the creature high above her in the trees...muffled mumbles of a sleeping child. Squinting against the morning sun, she  can make out the tiny black eyes staring down at her...flittering back and little back marbles. She slowly raises her head from the bed of moss beneath the tree...everything is throbbing...pulsing...keeping tempo with her own heartbeat. How long has she been here? Where is here?

The sky is like nothing she has ever seen before. It looks like a child's watercolour painting hung up on some proud parents refrigerator door. Swirls of blue and green bleeding seamlessly into purples and yellows. It's beautiful and yet...wrong. It's the world around her is still fast asleep and she is all alone...except for the curious spy in the branches above her head. There are no homes on the other people...there's not even a road cutting through the land before her...just emerald green fields dotted with enormous trees filled with leaves of every colour imaginable. Again the thought of a child's watercolour painting strikes her. She giggles at the thought of being trapped in a painting...a child's painting.

She can't remember what happened or how she got here...she can't even remember her own name or if there is anyone that might be looking for her...wondering where she is and when she will be home...or if she even has a home. She's thirsty...her body aches with every small movement. Each blink of her eyes feels like a jackhammer pounding in her mind.

The spy from above...her new..and only friend...spreads its wings and flutters down through the thick branches. It circles her head seeming to check her out...and decide if she is safe or not. She whispers again to her new friend...this time asking where water could be. Her throat feels like it's on hot sparks of pain. Her mouth feels stuffed full of cotton and her tongue lays limp...useless. She whispers her question with no hope for a's a bird and birds can't understand...birds can't reply. Those black marble eyes shine with delight at the sound of her voice. Could that be? Could this bird really understand her?

Her new friend takes flight and she notices each individual feather on its wings. They too seem not real...from another imaginary world thought up by a child...lying on the floor of their bedroom painting the afternoon away on a rainy Sunday. The bird seems to fly almost a's feathers shining brightly in the sun. There is no fluidity to its's body seems to slice through the air in rapid flutters rather than smooth gliding motions.

She finds herself following the bird across the field and to a dense cluster of those unique trees. There has to be water near...don't animals instinctively know where water is? She shakes her head in embarassment and can't believe that she is actually putting all of her trust in a bird...a bird from another world, at that. As she stepped into the forest, the smell hit her all at once....she could smell the water. She raced ahead...leaping over rocks and fallen branches...her bare feet landing softly on the cushioned moss covered ground...the air rushing past her face and causing her long brown hair to fly out behind her like a cape. The smell was sweeter than anything she had ever smelled before...the scent filled her nose with delight...causing her to pick up the pace even more. She wanted to taste the dive right in and gulp the fragrance around her in mouthfuls.

Her mechanical bird friend kept pace with her and as she stole a glance his way, she noticed he was smiling. Birds can smile? Well, if they can understand me and lead me to water....then why not? This bird can smile.

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