Monday, October 1, 2012

No D-Day: I love Rocky

So in the D-blog world it is officially...No D-Day....that means I am not supposed to blog about anything diabetes related. Seems difficult at first...I mean I actually had to sit here for a minute to think about what I could write about. After 4 years, diabetes is a big part of our lives....whether we like it or not...but I do have a life outside of D believe it or not. I have friends, I have hobbies....and I really don't spend all day talking about all things d-related.
SO, I thought I would share a little tidbit about myself today. Not many people know this actually...and some might be a little embarassed to admit it...but I am an open book, so I figure..why not? here goes....I am a HUGE "Rocky" fan! I love the movies...all of them! My favorite is obviously the first one and the 4th one....I mean does it get any better than the epic battle between Rocky Balboa and the Russian Ivan Drago? I think not.
I think my love for the Rocky movies began when i was a kid. I have vivid memories of the Rocky 4 soundtrack blaring up from the basement of my house as my Dad was working out. I remember singing along in my room to "Eye of the Tiger" and thinking that my Dad was the coolest Dad on the planet and that he was just as strong as Rocky and he could take down that Ivan Drago just as quick. I remember sitting at the dinner table next to my Dad and he would hold his arm out to me and we would bump fists and he would have a smirk on his face as he said in his best Russian accent, "I must break you."....just like Ivan did in the movie. I would giggle like crazy and bump my fist right back on his. It was our little bond...our connection...our love for the Rocky movies.
To this day, everytime I hear the songs or come across the movies on TV...I instantly smile and am transported back to that dinner table. In fact just this past weekend, I discovered the first Rocky on tv and I had to make Emma watch it. Aside from being grossed out at the lovey dovey kissing scenes between Rocky and Adrienne....she really liked it! It makes me smile to keep the Rocky tradition going in my family. I hope that when she is my age, she will look back fondly on days like this and remember watching Rocky with me. Remember how strong he much determination he he wouldn't let anyone stop him from doing what he needed to do. I hope it makes her smile everytime she hears "Eye of the Tiger". I hope she tells her own children about her Papa and her Mommy loving the movies too. I hope she giggles as she tells them how their Grandma even had Rocky, Pauly, and Apollo Creed action figures. (Yes...I am THAT big of a mean fan!)
So, there you have it.....I love go to karaoke song is "Eye of the Tiger"....and one day I will own a pair of American Flag boxing shorts to go with my Rocky t-shirt! Just a little random tidbit about Amy.


  1. This was a fun read! Yo Adrian! :) I don't remember many movies from my youth, but I remember Rocky!!! :)

    Eye of the Tiger makes me smile, too!

  2. Love it when songs transport us to a wonderful memory! And to be able to pass along that memory while making a new one is awesome!!

  3. Is it weird that I have never seen any part of a Rocky movie? Can we still be friends?

    1. *GASP* Joanne!! LOL! We must fix this situation :o)

  4. Used to play...and replay...again and agin..."Eye Of The Tiger" on my Walkman! I need to have Bridget and Joe watch some Rocky. Forgot all about those movies.

    Awesome tidbit about you. xo