Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Slippin and slidin all over

A couple of days ago we experienced our first ever birthday party on the pump. I was totally naive and completely oblivious to the fact that things could possibly be any different than they were when Emma was on insulin pen injections. It was a beach theme party which meant bikinis, swimming, water slides, sprinklers, and apparantly blood sugars of 24.6(442)!!! Based on past behaviour ( why do I feel like Dr. Phil when i say things like that?) I thought that Emma's blood sugars would stay within range or be slightly lower for the duration of the party and then start to climb after all was said and done. No no no...so not the case!
We arrived at her friends house excited for some party time fun, and Emma quickly changed into her black and white Hello Kitty bikini. We decided that the safest place for her pump was to just attach it to her bikini bottom for now because I still have not gotten a pump pak for her that won't get ruined in the water. Mainly because there has been a postal strike here in Canada...no mail for like a month now...craziness. Anyhoo, after a quick BG check to confirm that she was at an ok number, she took off running around with the rest of her friends. Of course my kid makes a b-line straight for the slip and slide hill and instead of sliding down it on her bum...she decides to go down on her belly! We quickly realized that her pump was not going to stay put where it was at if this manuever was going to continue...so we moved her pump to the INSIDE of her bikini bottoms. All was going well until she stood up after one slide and I burst out laughing at the sight of her..ahem...package in her bottoms...lolol. Thankfully Emma and the other grade 1 kiddos didn't put 2 and 2 together and realize what I was laughing at!
The water fun continued, hot dogs and veggies were enjoyed, cupcakes were consumed, presents were opened...and BG check after BG check confirmed that apparantly the boluses and corrections I was giving her were doing absolutely nothing for her. I sat there in my lawn chair pondering my situation...do I give yet another correction? Do I tell her to dry off and that we must leave early because I needed to check for ketones since she has been so high for a couple hours now? Do I let the big "D" win this round?....My D-angry Momma brain gave me a resounding NO for all questions asked. I wasn't going to let D beat us this day...it was Emma's 3rd year D-anniversary as well, and I did NOT want to have to admit defeat on this special day. So, I let her run around (hoping that some of that damned sugar would burn off because of it), I made her down water bottle after water bottle (hoping that would help flush some of it out as well), and I waited the last 45 min. out. We went home and I checked for ketones (none there thankfully!). I gave another correction...and we finally got a decent BG reading. Whew!
Thanks for teaching me patience, diabetes.


  1. As always I never worry because I always know that at the end of the story you and Emma will always defeat diabetes. You should write a series of childrens stories featuring a fictional little girl who imagines herself as a superhero battling the evil diabetes villain. It would be cute and educational.

  2. so glad you didn't let D win and you stayed...and in the end, all was okay. :-)

  3. Sometimes D just doesn't make any sense at all...love (said with rolling eyes and dripping sarcasm!) those days!
    Glad she had a great time, despite those yucky numbers.
    Love that the 'package' went right over their heads!! Ah, blissful ignorance!! ;)

  4. LOL about the "package"!

    Sounds like a great party and so glad that "D" didn't win out. Joe's numbers usually are all over in situations like that. They are difficult.