Friday, June 24, 2011

I think I'm trapped on the crazy train

Ever had one of those days (weeks!) where you just want to crawl back into bed and wait for the storm to pass and brighter days to appear? Um...yea...that is what I am considering at this point in time. It all started yesterday after school. Yes, I live in Canada and they make those poor kids go to school until the bitter end of June. It's madness really, it seems like everyone else in the facebook/blogger world already has their kiddos home for the summer! I keep hearing the "Phineas and Ferb" theme song in my head..."There's 104 days of summer vacation....blah blah blah"...and I'm getting antsy! I'm just ready for it to be our turn already to actually be on summer vacation! Anyway, I walked to school on my usual route to get Emma...actually more like hobbled along to the school. For some reason my heel was killing me! It literally felt like I had stepped on a nail at some point during the day and I am quite certain I didn't because I had spent that entire afternoon painting monkeys on Emma's bedroom ominous or sneaky nails hiding out on the floor ready to jump out and slide under my foot as I walk by! In any case, I arrived at the school to find the 1st and 2nd graders playing on the playground waiting for the bell to ring. I think the teachers really have nothing left to teach at this point...they are just kind of hanging out with the kids and letting them play for the most part.
Well, the bell rang and Emma full out sprinted towards me like she was in the Olympics trying to break some world records and bring home the gold. As she was running, I noticed that her pump was jostling and bouncing along on the waist of her shorts...I'm mentally willing her to sloooow down...stop running...just walk to's only ME, there's no need to bolt over here! No such luck though. She continues to run and her pump bounces out and crashes on the sidewalk with a bang...she instantly comes to a screeching halt, grabs her belly in agony, and bursts into tears. She is holding onto where the site was in her's still attached, but I am positive that the little tube under her skin has now been ripped out. ARGH. I console her and she goes off to play on the playground with some friends for a bit as I stand there trying to decide what to do. I see in her logbook that her BG at snack time was 9.3 (a little high, but she's just getting over a sinus not bad.) and I figure that there's no way of knowing for certain that the site is ripped out until some more time passes. So, she plays, we walk home, about 45min.-1hr. has passed and I check her again...she's now 19.2...yep, site is out. DUN DUN DUN! I hear the suspenseful music in the back of my mind as i try to think of my next step. I check for ketones and there are none thankfully. I give a correction and stand there smelling her belly for another confirmation that the site is out...yep the old familiar "band-aid" insulin smell fills my nostrils...gross. So, I unplug her and change the site. Then I sit there wondering if I should now give another correction because the first correction I gave probably didn't go in to her at all?
Emma decides that she wants to walk to Subway for off we go. The sky is getting darker and darker and I realize that I forgot to bring my umbrella...and I only have 1 test strip on me....awesomesauce. Could this day get any worse? So, to make a long story short...we eat our supper, walk home, get caught in the rain, and that's that. She winds up being slightly low 2 hours after her bedtime snack, 4.8 to be i give her 10 carbs without bolusing. By 1:30am she is 20.2..........for f*%# sakes! I correct her and she wakes up this morning at a nice low 3.8....GOOD GRAVY! Oh, did I mention we woke up at 8:08 and school starts at 8:30??? Yea...good least we made it on time though...I am an old pro at the mad dash in the morning.
I need a vacation.


  1. Ugh, ugh, ugh!
    Subway is our nemesis at the moment...some times Bean is spot on, other times she shoot sky high with the same food and same bolus!
    Sending you rest and foot-feeling-better vibes and summer-vacay-love!!
    Oh, and totally love aswesomesauce!!! ;)

  2. OY!!! The last couple of weeks of school are the hardest. I was so excited for the kids to be on summer break. I am more tired with them home 24/7...but man are we having fun.