Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Almost drowning and sinking pumps

I'm going to start this post by stating that Emma has not ever taken swimming lessons. Not because I don't want her to...or because I have some sort of aversion to wanting my kid know how to swim...simply because she can't get past the whole "not wanting to get her face wet" thing. She LOVES the water. She LOVES swimming. She just greatly dislikes getting her face wet for some reason.
So, anyway..after school Emma and another friend were invited to go swimming at yet another friend's house. We walked home, got our suits on, and headed up the street to the house. I sat down at the side of the pool with the other Mom and the three kids jumped right in and were splashing about having fun. The other two kids were more experienced swimmers and so they were totally comfortable with going in the deep end. I told Emma that she wasn't allowed over there...I didn't want her to go past the line  of the shallow end unless I was in the pool with her. She agreed and promised me that all was well. She gave me the usual eye roll and look of "Geez Mommy...I'm not a baby anymore!" I, as usual, pretended that I didn't see it and continued enjoying the sunshine. Well, after about 30 minutes I noticed that Emma was inching closer to that deep end line. The kids had been using foam kickboards to play with in the water and I saw that the one Emma had been using seemed to have gotten away from her...and she was following after it...right for the deep end. Instantly my Mommy radar began blaring and I could feel my Mommy senses tingling. I saw her go under...all I could see was the top of her head bobbing up and down. As I leaped up to jump in after her, I was mentally willing her to bob back up and reach her hand up and grab the edge of the pool. She didn't. I flew over the side of the pool...with my clothes on. I practically landed on her because I jumped so far in the pool. I grabbed ahold of her and pulled her up to the surface. She was crying uncontrollably and choking. I set her on the edge of the pool and she instantly let out 3 loud long burps which caused her and her worried friends to laugh like lunatics...I asked her if she was ok...through her choked giggles she managed to answer yes...and it was over just like that. She was fine...jumped right back in the water and began playing with her friends again. I swam to the edge by the stairs and sat there. My heart was still racing, my Mommy senses were on overload and I was trying to calm them down and resume breathing like a normal person again.
Did I forget to mention that this was our first experience of swimming with the pump? yep. This was our first time testing out the whole waterproof-ness of her pump and our first time of trial and error with blood sugars while having the activity of swimming out in the hot sun. yep. I know I've mentioned this before, but I am continuously amazed at how I never seem to be able to do things easy. I always have to pile on a multitude of blood sugar jazzer uppers and activities all at once. Hot sun? Sure...bring it on. Swimming with the pump? Why not?...let's DO THIS! Near drowning and giving Mommy a heart attack as she sees the top of her baby's head bobbing up and down under water? YES PLEASE! major UGH-ness
When Emma was a baby I was paranoid that she would stop breathing in her sleep...I thought that she would become ill and I wouldn't know what to do. When she was diagnosed with diabetes, I was honestly flabbergasted that the hospital staff thought I was smart enough to bring her home and keep her alive. Now, adding all of the other day to day accidents and possibilities for danger....it's a wonder she's still alive really. In any case, we survived....we lived to tell the tale once again...the clock keeps ticking away and the world keeps turning. I guess my Mommy skills and cat like reflexes are better than I thought they were.
About 20 minutes after the near drowning, Emma came up to me with the sweetest smile on her face and blinking her big brown long eyelashed eyes at me and said "thanks for saving me before, Mommy."
We also learned that the pump does not in fact float...it's a sinker. I love the Ping. It is definitely my most favorite of tools by far.


  1. Oh my! Nothing like a little mid-day adrenaline rush! I can't imagine how terrified you must have been! Glad you were able to get to her quickly and she recovered so quickly and easily! So sweet that she came and thanked you for saving her :)

  2. Ahhh! Good thing you trusted your mommy instincts.

  3. S...C...A...R...Y...!

    Whew, that must've made your heart pound! Thank goodness she's okay!

  4. whew...that got my heart racing just reading about it! Glad you were there and quick!
    Yep, love the PIng! :-)

  5. Wow...that is a busy afternoon GF. Glad it all worked out. I can so feel your adrenaline.

    My dad once had to dive into a pool with a beer in hand to save me. Kinda funny. I still remember that feeling of "drowning"...UGH.

  6. oooh boy, what a heart stopper! Glad everyone is fine Amy & that story is exactly like one my Mom tells of me sinking in a pool. You really are a fab lady.

  7. UGH! Way to be on your toes! Glad those burbs broke the stress of the moment for everyone!!

  8. omg how did i miss this post? i was a pool receptionist, swim teacher, then pool lifeguard. OH MAN!!! even kids confident in the water...can get into trouble. good on you for fully supervising and doing what needed to be done to ensure safety!!! WTG!! xx.